[Organise My House] Organising Truck Items (and Tools)

My Dad has jumped on the organisation bandwagon, picking up this plastic travel organiser from Supercheap Auto for only $26! 
It has a section in the top for larger items, and at the front, which can be accessed separately to the top, there are 4 drawers with lots of little plastic sections so you can decide how to divide and organise seperate items. 

He is using this for different things he needs for a truck, but it would also be super handy for batteries, removable hooks and screwdrivers for around the house, or even to organise stationery for a teacher! It’s not too large and is nice and light to carry.

Getting organised for daycare and preschool

This year Miss M has been attending preschool (she is currently 3 and a half) and Miss O has continued with daycare (she is currently 21-months). Our organisation for the two days the girls spend at daycare and preschool begins the day before, to set us up for a hopefully smooth morning the next day, when we need to get out the door just before 8am. I wanted to share our tips as they have been working well for the past 6 months. 

Day before: 
- we always go grocery shopping to make sure we have healthy food for their lunchboxes 
- the lunchboxes are packed and placed into the fridge (if I am working, I make sure mine is ready in the fridge as well)
- I also fill up their drinkbottles and Miss O still has one small bottle before her midday nap and I put these in the fridge as well
- I check their backpacks and make sure they have a change of summer and winter clothes, and spare nappies and underwear (and pack my bag if I am working as well)
- I lay their clothes out for the two days including socks and shoes (and mine as well if I am working).
- I also think about what we'll have for dinner the next day and get meat out to thaw overnight or grab the slow-cooker out so I don't forget to put it on the next morning. 

The next morning: 
- As soon as I get up, I get dressed and do my hair and makeup first. 
- I then get the girls up (usually Miss o is up already, Miss M likes to sleep in!), and after changing nappies/toilet, I dress them fully in their rooms (including shoes). 
- We then have breakfast in the kitchen and I also place their lunchboxes in their bags. 
- Then we head to the bathroom where they sit on either side of the vanity and we brush our teeth and I do their hair. I keep all the girls hair items in this little tub on the sink which has a brush, detangler spray, hair bands in a tablet container, and our bows displayed around the outside. 
- We grab our bags and head to the car - dressed, fed, hair done, teeth brushed and bags packed with minimal fuss (usually!) and in minimal time! It usually takes us about an hour for this whole process. 

[Organise My House] Storing Saucepan Lids

I had been looking for something to organise my saucepan and frypan lids for awhile as they were getting in the way in this cupboard, and certainly didn't look neat and organised.

 I have two of these wire organisers already to organise my baking trays (which I found at Aldi) but I hadn’t seen them since, until I found one in Big W. It was only $5 and has completely changed this cupboard - it's so much neater and more practical now! 

[Organise My House] Yellow Clearance Tags at Kmart

I love finding these yellow clearance tags in Kmart, especially when the item is reduced to $1! 

While we were away, I was able to find 13 items for $1 each, and 2 items for $3 each in larger sizes for my two girls at the Pacific Fair Kmart. This is a total of $181 of value for only $19, saving $162, and all items they will need in the future!

If you find it hard to keep track of what items you have stored for future sizes, use these tips I have posted previously:

[Clean My House] A holiday tip!

@just_us_two shared this product on Instagram that she used to clean her car - ‘Dr. Beckmann brand carpet stain remover.’ My 3-year old had vomited in her carseat during our trip away last week, and after covering the seat with bicarb soda (which I always carry with us on holidays thanks to a tip from another friend!), I needed a way to clean the seat without having to wash it yet (as it wouldn’t dry in time for us to use the carseat again during the trip). I remembered seeing this product, ducked into  Coles where it was on special for about $6 and it honestly worked wonders! The brush head was perfect for cleaning the seat, it eliminated any odour left, and dried quickly. I will be taking this away with us on holidays in case any more accidents happen in the future! It works amazingly on our carpets at home too!

[Image screenshot from @just_us_two on Instagram]

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