{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 14th - Make Rocky Road

Today our advent activity was making rocky road! 

I've used 'My Lovely Little Nest's recipe but just because I like them, I've substituted the strawberries & cream lollies for musk sticks!

You'll need 375g - 400g melts (I used a cheap Coles brand and now I wished I'd splurged and bought a Cadbury chocolate - next time!), a packet of mini mars or snickers bars, a packet of musk sticks, a small packet of marshmallows & 1/4 cup fine desiccated coconut (Mandy at My Lovely Little Nest uses more specific amounts but I'm a chuck everything in kinda girl!) 

Chop everything up as small as you wish, and then melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments or slowly on the stove top. How cute are the Christmas spatula's I picked up from Coles?!

Once the chocolate is melted, chuck it all in and mix quickly together. If you wait too long, the chocolate will harden and the mixture will be too stiff to mix!

Place it all into a slice or square tin lined with baking paper, and put into the freezer or the fridge for about an hour. We sprinkled some Christmas sprinkles on top too. 

Once hard, cut into smaller pieces (whatever size you like!)

Delicious! I was thinking once I'd made it that it would be cool to have red & green showing to really make it Christmassy, so next time I'd add pistachios, strawberries & cream lollies, and red & green m&m's (as well as the coconut & marshmallows). I also love making a whie chocolate version (which you could do with cranberries, macadamias & pistachios! The possibilities really are endless!

Yesterday after I'd already published our advent activity, we went to the library and saw Santa again!

Advent Book

Elf on the Shelf

A letter to Miss M on her 3rd birthday...

Dear Miss M, 

How are you already 3?!

At 12:41pm on the 14th of December 2014, you entered the world and made us parents for the first time. It was all new to us, and we grew as a little family together. 

You amaze us every single day. You love to learn and are constantly surprising us with new little facts you know, or things you can do, or words you can say. We look back at photos and videos and you as a baby seems an entire world away from the gorgeous little girl you are today! 

You are a perfectionist like your Mummy, but you are very much a Daddy's girl! You like order, and cleanliness, and everything must be 'just right.' Before we even taught you to do it, you were lining up your toys, in order of colour, or height, or type. You must have matching hair bands to match your outfit each day. You love to look pretty, and we often catch you checking your self out before leaving the house. You love dancing and singing, and you are able to learn lyrics to songs very quickly - I’m still amazed you practically know all the words to the Full House theme song! You love to dress up, especially as a ballerina, and you love to clomp around the house in your ‘princess shoes.’ 

You have the most caring nature, and you can instantly tell if one of us is upset, and you promptly give us a cuddle. You love to look after your dolls - bathing them, dressing them, putting them to bed or just giving them a cuddle. You love to cook in your kitchen for us or make us a cup of tea. You love anything to do with craft, and often ask to make similar versions of the things they create on Playschool. 

You love to be anywhere Daddy is, especially outside. You and Daddy have such a special bond, and it brings me such joy to see you going for bike rides with Dad, for runs in the pram, or to the pool, or just to the park for a milkshake. You also love your Mummy and we have lots of special times together too - going for walks, doing craft together, going to the cafĂ©, or the library. 

You love your sister, even though you often get annoyed when she messes up the order you've created! You never want her to miss out, and always check that 'bubs is coming too' when we go anywhere. You still can't say Miss O's name, and so have called her 'bubs' for the last 14 months!

You love to be around people, and always love seeing your friends. You crave being social, and used to stand at the door around 10am each day, letting me know it was time to go out, and now you just ask me! You LOVE birthday parties and have been talking about your Frozen party for months. 

You are such a gorgeous little girl, with your beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. We absolutely love being your parents, and feel so blessed that you were given to us! It's exciting watching you grow and change, and we cannot wait for you to start Preschool next year (neither can you!) and know that you will thrive as you have in any environment or place that you are. 

You are such a joy and a delight in our lives and we love you very much! 

Love Mummy, Daddy and Miss O xxx

{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 13th - Give a gift to our daycare mum

Today's advent activity is to give a gift to our daycare mum. We were very sad to leave our lovely daycare mum in our old town, when we moved to our new town in March this year, but we were so blessed to find Steph who the girl's loved! She went above and beyond to make the transition from one daycare to another for Miss M seamless, and the transition into daycare for Miss O easy. 

We had to actually give our gift to Steph at the end of November once we had finished up with daycare when we moved back to our old town. We gave her a personalised notepad from Padtastic, a pen, a beautiful tea cup and saucer (from Woolies of all places!) and some chocolate. 

We are now very blessed to have Miss O back in our old daycare, which is now just around the corner from our new house! We gifted her a personalised notepad last year (it's definitely our go-to gift!) so this year we've gone for a lovely mug & some homemade treats. 

Our advent book

Elf on the shelf 

Elfie was found enjoying three cups of tea today!

A gift idea - Thermobliss 2018 Calendar!

I have just received the most beautiful gift in the post from Lauren & Lucy at Thermobliss! How gorgeous are their first printed products - a 2018 Thermomix calendar with a new recipe each month, and their Sweet Recipes book with 15 delicious sweet treats to make!

These are only $25 for both and would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a Thermomix or Thermal cooker: mums, dads, grandparents, daycare mums, preschool teachers, school teachers, your neighbour - anyone!

I can’t wait to make lots of these yummy recipes! Thank you to Lauren & Lucy for your generous gift!

Here is the link to their shop to purchase the product, and don’t forget to like their page (a collection of fun, simple and delicious Thermomix recipes!) 

{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 12th - Make reindeer food

Today's activity was super simple - to make reindeer food! 

I'd seen this on Pinterest & Facebook, and it only has two ingredients - glitter & rolled oats! 

Mix the two together, and you're done! There are some cute printables you can get off Pinterest that say 'Reindeer food' that you can staple to the top of a cute bag as well. 

Kids used to sprinkle it on the lawn on Christmas Eve ready for when the reindeers arrived, but as it isn't good for other animals & birds that may be around to eat (even edible glitter apparently), we will just place ours out with Santa's milk, cookie and a carrot for the reindeer as well. 

Our advent book

This is a personalised book with Miss M's name in it that popped up on Facebook last year and was only about $2!

Elf on the shelf

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