A new tradition for Mother’s & Father’s Days

Last year I
purchased these 2 notebooks to create a new tradition for Mother’s and Father’s Days! I’m going to get each of the girl’s to write or draw (or both - whatever they can do for their age at the time!) a special picture or message to me on Mother’s Day in the pink with gold polka dots notebook & one to Brendan on Father’s Day in the black leather-look notebook with the date and their age, and they can surprise us with it each year. It’ll be such a treasured collection of beautiful pictures and messages as they grow each year, and so special to look back on! 

If you have older kids, it’s never too late to start! The notebooks I purchased were only $4 each from Kmart and they have so many gorgeous covers! Padtastic also have a new range of personalised notebooks now, which you could get printed with Mum or Dad on the front, or a special quote - what a special gift to receive on Mother's or Father's Day!

In 2018 Mother's Day is the 13th May, and Father's Day is 2nd September. 

My 30th Birthday!

I have just turned 30! I was very excited to plan a party with all my family & friends to celebrate this milestone. I decided to hold the party at our new place as a bit of a combined housewarming as well. I hoped for karaoke, lots of yummy food and a professionally made cake - and it all came together for a fun night with lots of friendship and laughter! 

These were my table set-ups - 5 tables with a backdrop (which I purchased from Vistaprint): 
- Sweets and Lolly Bar
- Fruit and Savoury Bar
- Drinks Bar
- Hot Chocolate and Coffee Bar
- The cake table with a Happy Birthday banner

I used star pickets to hold up the banners for the 3 tables below which were placed out on the grass, and then had the hot chocolate and coffee bar close to our outdoor power point, and the cake table undercover as well as a bit of a focal point when you walked outside. 

I put a white tablecloth on each table (I owned two and borrowed the other three). On the Sweets and Lolly Bar I had lots of different jars for lollies and chocolates, plus professionally-made cupcakes & fondant cookies & pikelets. 

On the Fruit and Savoury bar I had a big fruit platter and cheese boards plus chips for the kids. I also brought out mini sausage rolls, pies and feta triangles. For dinner we also had pulled pork and coleslaw on buns which I ordered from a butchery in town - so yummy! 

The Drinks Bar had juice, non-alcoholic punch, water and then beside the table in ice buckets were wine and more juice and soft drink. 

The Hot Choc & Coffee Bar was a huge hit - I had my Aldi coffee pod machine set-up with milk frothers for a real coffee, plus coffee sachets, hot chocolate powder and a selection of teas. I had bunches of rose gold, pink, gold and white balloons everywhere which I'd blown up with a little helium pump from Big W (as you can see in this picture). 

The beautiful cake took pride of place on the last table, with bunting and fresh flowers (which I had on each table as well). I wore a navy blue wrap dress, pink tassel earrings and had my tan & hair professionally done (because you only turn 30 once!)

'Melissa's Cakes' made my gorgeous and delicious caramel and white chocolate mud cake. It was two-tiers and very tall - it could have fed 100 people easily! The flowers were fresh flowers from Woolworths and the 'thirty' cake topper is by 'Topper's by Tegan' on Facebook. 

Inside the cake! 

Our family - Brendan, Miss O (18 mths), Miss M (3) and me!

Thanks to L. Sims for taking some fantastic professional photos on the night! 

It was a fantastic night and I'm so happy that it all came together as I'd hoped! Here's to turning 30 in style! 

[Organise My House] Laminating instruction sheets

I like to laminate any instruction sheets we get with things like magnetic tiles, Duplo & Lego, for ideas & inspiration when playing (although it’s always good to just be creative ourselves too!) This way they last a lot longer & won’t get torn! The tubs shown are from Kmart & Coles and are only $2 each. I use them for everything!

[Organise My House] A 'put away' basket

Here's a handy tip that has been working well for us: I have been leaving a basket just outside our kitchen/living/dining room door, and anything that needs to go back to any of the bedrooms or the laundry down the hallway is chucked in here, and it makes it a lot easier to then take it back to the places they need to go, all at once!

Getting organised the night before - a handy tip!

Something I’ve been doing this year to make life easier is making 4 serves of dinner (plus a bit extra for the girl’s) so that Brendan and I have leftovers every day for lunch.

I found I was snacking at lunchtime rather than having a proper meal (and therefore snacking lots throughout the afternoon because I was still hungry) and I also really don’t like wondering what to have every day, so by having leftovers I’m getting a healthy meal without having to prepare anything or think about what to have!

I know lots of people already do this but I never have before and it’s been a real game changer for our family! It also is a lifesaver if I get a casual teaching call in the morning as my lunch is already ready to go.

If we have daycare & preschool the next day I usually make lunchboxes while I’m doing dinner as well.

Lunchboxes are Yumboxes, and drinkbottles are from Kathmandu (I absolutely love these drinkbottles - they don't spill and are easy to clean, and easy for very young kids to drink from!)

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