Calling all Kmart addicts!

Hi I'm Sarah... and I'm a Kmart addict!

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but there's a bit of a cult following occuring among Kmart addicts alike... on instagram, facebook, and when you are stalked through a Kmart because you are holding the last lightbox!

Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately for my wallet) we don't have a Kmart in my town, and so all shopping is done when we are away. It's mostly the homewares I love, but they also have the cutest baby clothes, baby accessories and nursery room items. They also usually have lots on clearance, so you can get a bargain for a bargain!

Here are a few of my latest purchases...

This cute backpack was only $10 and came with some pencils and stickers inside. 

I love these wire baskets, and at $12, it's an absolute bargain. I'm using this teal one in my loungeroom for our rugs and blankets, and I have a black one in our master bedroom to store the throw pillows at night when we chuck them off the bed. They also come in copper. 

This cute teal bird was only $4, and the moroccan rose candle (which smells AMAZING!) was only $6. I have two of them!

These sweet little blackboards are only $3 each, and I plan to use them for birthday party signs.

This little fold out lounge was $16 on clearance, normally $24. You can also get boys ones, and cute little girls ones with polka dots. 

My new coffee table in a set of 2 was only $39. The pineapple is actually from The Reject Shop, but you can get them from Kmart for about $9. I love how light this table is, and I can drag the smaller one towards me to rest my cuppa on. 

I used to have bright red cushions on my lounges but I picked these up for $10 each to add a splash of colour and for something different. I absolutely love the gold dot cushion!

This gorgeous dream cushion has a cloud with a face on the back, and was only $7. It goes really well in my daughter's nursery. 

How cute is this tree coat and hat stand? Only $16. My mum uses hers for her scarves. 

The very sort-after lightbox! Only $19, and you can get extra letters for $7. 

This cute lighthouse looks great in our ensuite, and was only $7. 

I purchased this LOVE frame last year. I can't remember how much, but I think it looks great in my daughter's nursery :)

Another cute addition to the nursery is this polka dot mat for only $19. The colours go perfectly, and there is a boys version as well. 

For only $5, this fake plant adds a splash of greenery to our main bathroom. 

I picked up these wall stickers last year for my daughter's nursery - I think they were around $5. There are some owls, and a few others love hearts and animals around her walls which come with it as well. 

I have always wanted an IKEA Raskog trolley, however I couldn't justify the price. This Kmart $19 aqua trolley is an excellent copy of the real thing, and was super-easy to put together. I plan to use it for my teaching supplies/craft items etc. Would be great in any room really - kitchen, bathroom, nursery...

I saw this Kmart hack on instagram - using the $10 teal wire basket for wrapping paper. It also comes in yellow. I love it!

I'm sure there'll be plenty more bargains to write about in the future - I think our next trip is to Brisbane, and I've heard there's a few Kmart's up there! Look out!

(All items were purchased from either Glendale Kmart, Armidale Kmart, Forster Kmart or Toowoomba Kmart). 

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