Declutter & Organise Part 1

One of my biggest fears before I had a baby was that my house would be difficult to keep clean and tidy. I'm one of those people who have messy drawers and cupboards, but as long as what you can see is tidy, then I'm happy! My aim in the next couple of months is to declutter and organise EVERYTHING so that I don't even have one junk drawer. A mammoth task! 

I've made a list of absolutely everything that needs decluttering and organising. It's about 30 items long. 
Here is just one page...
My aim is to cross off (or highlight in yellow... much prettier!) two things every day. So far it's going well! It's really achievable, and super-motivating. 
Here are some after pictures of cupboards and drawers I've decluttered...

Our ensuite cupboard - 

The cutlery drawer - 
The 2nd drawer (kitchen) - 
The 3rd drawer (kitchen) - 

Here are some before (left side of photo) and afters (right side of photo) of the fridge/freezer and 2 cupboards in my kitchen - 
My system is to simply take everything out of the cupboard or drawer, wipe it over, and put back only what I need, neating the layout as I go. Each cupboard or drawer has probably only taken 10 or so minutes. Now I just have to keep it like that!

Stay tuned, because there'll be plenty more before and afters to come!


  1. Everything looks great Sarah! You've inspired me to tackle my drawers and cupboards.

  2. Just doing two things everyday is working well! Yesterday I cleaned under my bed, and organised my pantry. Feels great to be productive! :)


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