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My routine has vastly changed since having Miss M 7 months ago. After finishing uni, I've pretty well worked every school day since, either teaching in temporary blocks or casually. I love teaching, and felt very blessed to be able to finish school at 3:20pm and then come home and do some marking or planning in the comfort of my own home. My days were very structured and I had every weekend off. 

When Miss M arrived, all structure went out the window! At first, I used to wonder where the days went! Feeding and putting a newborn to sleep, with a small play thrown in, felt like it took all day! Add a walk in the fresh air, and the day was done! 

[Miss M's at a fun age where she loves to play]

Now my days are quite structured again, which I love, because I definitely crave routine. Miss M wakes about 7am, I change her nappy and bring her in to my bed for a feed and some cuddles (and hopefully a bit of extra sleep). About 8am we get up, Miss M will have a play, and I'll have my breakfast. Then if she's still happy playing, I make my bed, pack the dishwasher or wash-up so that the kitchen is tidy, put on a load of washing, and make a mental list of what needs doing that day. 

[I love a freshly made bed in the mornings]

By then it's usually around 9 or 9:30am, and Miss M is due for a sleep. She'll sleep until around 11, and I use that time to clean or do some decluttering or organising. This is my cleaning schedule which has jobs to be done in the morning and evening, and then bigger chores for certain days of the week. This is generally what I follow, of course, it doesn't always work out like this, depending on Miss M's mood, or what else we have planned for the day. 

If I can't get bigger tasks done, I usually like to do quick jobs that make a real difference - for example, my buffet is a bit of a dumping ground, and makes my whole kitchen/lounge look messy. It only takes 5 minutes for me to tidy it up. I have a basket on the right hand side where our keys and sunnies and random things get dumped - I don't really mind if this is messy, as it is contained in a basket. When this overflows to the buffet, then I need to do something about it!

Miss M will feed again around 11am, and I'll spend time playing with her, reading to her, or we might go downtown if I need to do shopping, or go for a walk. In winter I've been bathing her in the middle of the day so it's not so cold. Around 12pm if we are still at home I will feed her some veggies (if we are downtown I just do this when we get home). 

At 1pm she is usually ready for another sleep. During this sleep, I have been [recently] blogging, and enjoying some time out for myself - watching a movie or a TV series, and enjoying a cup of tea. She'll wake around 3pm, and we play some more. I just love making her giggle and laugh! She may need another short nap around 5pm, and I'll begin planning dinner. 

Evenings are for relaxing, chatting, and playing with Miss M. Tuesday nights we have our homegroup, Wednesdays I have netball and Sundays we have church. When Miss M eventually drops a sleep, I'll be able to go to a playgroup on Thursday mornings, and on Wednesday mornings there is a baby program at our local library. When Miss M was about 2 months old we were going to these every week, but she soon settled into a routine of having a long sleep in the mornings. She will enjoy them more now that she can play and be more alert too. 

I also fit in going to the gym at least twice a week (though I've been sick the last couple of weeks), and try to catch up with friends. Yesterday I watched a movie in the afternoon with a friend who has an almost 18 month old son. Miss M definitely enjoyed being out of the house and somewhere different. I also love going for coffee or a hot chocolate with friends when I can. 

I'm really enjoying being a stay-at-home mum, though I will enjoy going back to work a few days a week. I love that I've fallen into a routine now, and I get to spend lots of time playing with Miss M. 

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