Organise & Declutter Part 4 - The Master Bedroom [Part 1 of 2]

When we first moved into our house, one of my favourite rooms was our master bedroom. 

This is what it looked like:

The owners before us had made the old loungeroom into the master bedroom. Here's an old photo (pic courtesy of the old owners):

The room is very big, has two quaint windows which sit either side of a fireplace (which has been filled in and can be used as a headboard), has beautiful green walls, 4 built-in cupboards, as well as an ensuite. Photos just don't show how big it is. 

Well needless to say, 2 and a half years on and the room is slightly more cluttered...

Ok, a lot more cluttered. 

We were given the bedroom suite (bed, 2 bedsides and a chest of drawers) from friend's of ours. We originally had them in the guest bedroom, but I love them, so we moved them into our room. 

I sleep closest to the ensuite/main entrance (easy to get up in the night for Maddi!) and Brendan sleep's closest to the wall and chest of drawers. 

This is the view from Brendan's side of the room into the ensuite:

This is the view from the ensuite into the room:

This is the view from the entrance door (from the hallway) into the room:

These are our built-ins:

This is our bed:

All I see when I look at these pics is clutter. I honestly hadn't noticed how bad it had gotten until I took these pics! 

Obviously I want to declutter and organise so that I can enjoy this space again, but also so that it is a more user-friendly and practical space, and so that we can stop accumulating so much DUST! 

Our cupboards are also very cluttered. 

In the first cupboard are my dresses, long pants and my shoes. Clearly, I have far too many shoes!

Next is Brendan's cupboard with his long pants, jackets, and collared shirts. 

Above these two cupboards is some more clutter up the top. 

Next are these wire drawers where I have cardigans, shirts, socks, underclothes, pyjamas and gym clothes. Too many clothes! 

The last cupboard has my jackets and some jumpers. 

Up the top is some more clutter. 

I've been putting this off for so long, because it's tough to know where to start! 

My plan is to declutter, clean and organise the areas you can see first, and then tackle the bedside tables, Brendan's chest of drawers, and then the built-ins. 

Today, I started with my beside table:

It is always the first place I chuck my wallet, sunnies, phone and everything else. This is actually not the worst it's been:

Much better. 

The top drawer was also very cluttered, so I tidied it up so that it just had my camera, a clutch bag, a pen, a notebook and my ipod. 

The second drawer has the pyjamas I am currently wearing to bed. 

The third drawer has my heat pack, hot water bottle, bedsocks, belts and gloves. 

Next I tidied up the top of Brendan's chest of drawers. Brace yourself for the before photos...

I clean this area often. Brendan does not share my love of cleaning and organising (it is an odd hobby to have!), and loves to just dump his clothes and everything else on the floor or on his chest of drawers. But the bigger issue here is that his drawers are so full, there is no room for anything else. He has agreed to donate a lot of clothes to Vinnies, but I need him to help me do that! (Fingers crossed for tomorrow!)

I need to create a system where 'everything has a place, and everything in it's place' - I'll talk about that in a future post.

Here is a 'work in progress' shot - sometimes to clean up, you need to make mess! 

Miss M is sitting on the bed admiring my work!

I chucked a lot of things in the bin, and rearranged some things...

Much better. 

The wooden bowl in the middle is a 'system' I have created - Brendan's small items (e.g. picks for his guitar) can be dumped in this bowl. 

There are lots of decorative items here, which means they do collect dust, but each has a special significance, and as long as the top is clean, I'm happy to keep on top of that every week. 

Basically when decluttering, you need 2 bags - 1 for charity/to donate and 1 for the bin. You also need a spot where you can organise things to take to another room (e.g. Brendan had 15 pens on his chest of drawers, so I have added them to my stationery drawers in the guest room [which also need to be organised, however at least now they are all together]. He also had pegs, which went back to the laundry, loose change which went into a money box, and lots of different chargers, which went into the baskets in the loungeroom which has all our cords. 

In Part 2 (hopefully tomorrow), Brendan and I will go through his clothes, and completely tidy up and clean his bedside table and chest of drawers. 

Through the week I plan to tidy each cupboard in the built-in's. 

Hopefully by next weekend, the room will be back to it's former glory! 

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