So this is Christmas... Part 5: Christmas Craft Ideas

I can't wait until Miss M is old enough so we can do craft activities together! I especially love Christmas craft. Here are lots of easy and effective ideas from Pinterest. There is 1 for every day in December leading up to Christmas! 

1. Christmas wreath using paints and your little one's hand prints!

2. Santa's sleigh and his reindeer using paints and your child's hand and footprints. 

3. Paper plate bells using cardboard, a paper plate and bells. 

                                             Paper plate Christmas Bell Craft for Kids

4. Paper Plate Christmas Tree using paper plates, glue/stapler, pom poms and paint!

                                                Paper Plate Christmas Tree Craft - Creative Family Fun:

5. Homemade cards using cardboard and paint samples.

                                                 Though it still has some days before Christmas, don’t you think it’s a right time to think about choosing the Christmas gifts? We suggest that you DIY Christmas gifts instead of buying them in the shops because DIY projects can save money as well as show your heart to your friends and family members. If[Read the Rest]:

6. Using old Christmas cards on brown paper to create wrapping paper.

                                               Postcards on Brown Paper Wrap / Новогодний декор:

7. Paddle pop stick angels, how sweet! Using old sheet music, paddle pop sticks, glitter, stars and paint!

                                              Popsicle stick angels.:

8. A wreath using coloured cardboard and your child's handprints!

                                             hand Advent wreath = couronne d'Avent (mains):

9. A Christmas tree ornament using an old wire coat-hanger, cardboard and buttons. 

                                              easy Christmas tree ornament:

10. Nativity craft celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, simply using black cardboard and coloured cellophane. 

                                Stained Glass Nativity Craft Teaches Hope - Printable Included. Great craft for preschool kids and older. Meaningful Mama:

11. A nativity scene using toilet rolls and coloured pencils. 

                                 nativity-scenes- print, color and glue to toilet paper rolls.:

12. Plate plate craft depicting Baby Jesus in a manger, using cardboard and feathers.  

                                           Christmas Craft - Baby Jesus in a Manger Paper Plate Craft from - Copyright 2014 - Bible Craft for Preschool:

13. Christmas tree using cardboard handprints and glitter.

                                                Great project we make with our toddler class each year. Just use one hand from each child and then one of their feet for the stump! Cute classroom decoration for Christmas:

14. Bow tie noodle wreath using pasta, a ribbon, paint and glitter. 

                                              Bow Tie Noodle Wreath Craft for Christmas (Homemade Card Idea) #Christmas craft for kids |

15. Glass jar candle craft using an old glass jar, old sheet music, and twine. Make sure children are supervised if you burn a tea-light candle inside!

                                            I am saving any glass jar we empty. They don't have to be mason jars. I prefer that they don't all look the same. We can use them as vases or lanturns (like this pic)- For more great inspiration visit us at Bride's Book home of the VIB Bridal Club:

16. Christmas tags using cardboard, markers and buttons. 

                                        Buttons, glue, felt tip pens : ):

17. Meal tags (or place cards for names) created using 2 candy canes and some cardboard. 


18. Purchase a Christmas tree craft punch and create green trees to scatter on the Christmas table using paint samples. 

                                          I love this! Use a paper punch and your favourite colour pallet to decorate your table and presents! #mollietakeover:

19. Decorate baubels with your child's name, or have a theme set, like these Ninja Turtle baubels! 

                                          Teenage mutant ninja turtle ornaments. - I need to make these for the guys in PTV they would love them:

20. Another Christmas tree paper plate idea. Kids can decorate their tree however they like!

                                                    Make this adorable Christmas Kids Craft out of a paper plate. Add some learning skills into it by incorporating some lacing practice while decorating your Christmas Tree. | From I Heart Crafty Things:

21. Canvases or foam boards covered in fabric or wrapping paper and hung with twine make great Christmas decorations!

                                               Foam board covered with fabric. Pin Christmas cards to it.:

22. Make snowflakes for the windows using plain white paper or white patty pans. 

                                                                #DIY Coffee-Filter Snowflakes: Make a beautiful cascade of snow in just a few simple steps:

23. All you need for these cute fingerprint lights is paint and a marker!

                                                    fingerprint christmas light craft for kids:

24. And lastly, a Christmas tree that can be used for planting in the new year! A Christmas tree using painted pots. 

                                                       soooooooooo cute!♦:
For more ideas, sign up to Pinterest - there are so many excellent craft and other Christmas ideas! 

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