Miss M's First Birthday!

Miss M was born at 12:41pm on the 14th December, 2014. At that time there was no way I could grasp just how much fun, laughter and tears I would experience in her first year of life, let alone how quickly it would go! 

I have looked forward to planning her 1st birthday party since that day though! I began planning a few months ago, and finally it all came together on Sunday, 6th December. We chose to have it early as at this time of year, weekends in December get very full very fast, and a few of our friends were going away closer to her actual birth date. I had originally wanted a party early in the morning to avoid the heat, however by 9:30am, it is already very hot! Our backyard has a lot more shade around 4pm, so we moved the party to then. While it was still a hot day, I think it worked well. 

Before Miss M was born, I had won a Facebook competition where she receives a new, handmade, reversible outfit from Birth, and every 3 months until she was 1. Her first birthday outfit arrived just in time and was absolutely perfect! Topsy Turvey Tots has the most adorable clothing, and it is made really well, and lasts wash after wash. Plus it is one of a kind! We decided to go with an owl and pink theme, and her outfit was everything I had hoped (and more!)

I found this idea on Pinterest, and printed out a range of photos from Miss M's first year. I think it looks really effective! 

More photos on display...

I had taken a photo every week up to 12 weeks, and every month, and I printed these out to have on display too. 

Other decorations included these pretty lanterns, fairy lights, streamers and balloons - all pink! 

This was our drinks table...

Some pretty paper straws...

The set-up on our deck. My talented hubby built this deck! He did an amazing job of getting our backyard ready for the party! 

My favourite part was decorating the table, and creating all the yummy food! 

The back-drop is some fabric from Spotlight, the banner is from a cheap shop, and the balloons are filled with helium (this is a treat for me!)

Some close-ups of the food - 

Cupcakes, fruit cakes, lolly jars and chocolate spiders - 

 Owl cookies! I bought an owl cookie cutter off eBay for $1.50, and then decorated using mini oreos and smarties (sorry about the sideways picture - I have tried to change it including re-uploading, with no luck!)

Mini teacups! I used tic tock biscuits, marshmallows, freckles and musk lollies. 

Mini cars using mars bars, tiny teddies and smarties.

Fairy bread, chips, tiny teddies and mini oreos.

Dips and biscuits on cute chopping boards! A friend bought these for me. 

 Fruit on cute chopping boards, and Corinthian wafers. 

Sandwiches on a fancy platter.

Yummy quiches. These went like hotcakes, as did the other savoury food!

Pink owl plates and serviettes. 

The cutlery. 

The cake! I am not a cake maker, so this was an achievement for me! It's just a butter cake inside, and buttercream icing, and a friend helped me do the fondant. For a first go, I loved it! 

A close-up of the owl candle on the cake!

We had a range of ages at the party - from 3 months old to about 11 years. We played two games - pass the parcel and pin the beak on the owl. They were fun, and took me back to my childhood parties! Other than these games, we just let the kids run wild with a heap of sports equipment. 

I had a few people help me with bringing food, but mostly I did everything myself (as I enjoy planning things like this!) As far as money went, we hardly spent anything, as I made most things myself, and chose cheap items (e.g. the paper plates were on clearance for 25c, as were the serviettes and cups etc.) I loved having it in our big backyard, especially as we've just finished landscaping. 

It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon, and while there was a fair bit of prep, it was definitely worth it! Plus you are supposed to put lots of effort in for the first child, right? ;)

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