Organise & Declutter [& DIY!] Part 14 - The Backyard

One of the major renovations we've completed on our house is the front and backyard. I actually really disliked the colour and style of the front of our house, and while the backyard was neat, it needed some work to get it to where we wanted it! I am happy to say everything is finally done!

This is what the back of our house and our backyard looked like when we bought it (Feb 2013) 
~ no deck
~ house is yellow with green gutters
~ mismatched fences
~ old cement path 
~ poor quality grass
~ washing line very close to the house
~ lots of random trees and bushes
~ old rundown garden shed

The view from the sunroom - 

The first thing my hubby did was build a deck off the sunroom and the back of the house and move the washing line - 

Then we painted the chimney and the rest of the house -  

Then he pulled down the little shed bedside the garden shed and created a garden bed and path for the garden shed - 

After - 
~ Freshly painted shed
~ Garden beds
~ Path
~ White boards around the windows to match the house

And the rest of the yard - 
~ Finished deck with sunshade and wider stairs than the original stairs we put in
~ Outdoor table and chairs, and a red pot
~ House and gutters are fully painted
~ Gardens created
~ New colourbond fence (Yard is now fully fenced)
~ Grass has been re-turfed/fixed up with grass seed
~ New door for the 'cellar' under the house
~ Sink, tap and hose reel painted and tidied up
~ Both sides of the house have a new path
~ One side of the house has a paved area (for a car/boat etc)
~ Retaining wall above paved area
~ Colourbond gate on one side of the house and picket fence gate on the other
~ Washing line moved
~ Red pots and bird bath added in

Our main goals in landscaping and renovating the backyard was:
~ to full fence the yard for kids and pets
~ to create lots of space with nice grass for kids to run around and enjoy
~ to have the space match the house
~ to make the space practical and easy to maintain
~ to be able to enjoy the outside space, without always looking at what could be done!

We are so happy with what has been achieved, all thanks to my hubby! We had a vision and he made it happen. I just love looking out the window at my beautiful backyard! 

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