January House Update 2016

A new tradition I want to start on the blog is to post pictures of our home each January, to help document the changes that might happen throughout the year. I wish I'd done this last January, as 2015 was a year of massive changes inside - we removed a wall to create an open plan kitchen/living space, and because we've gone from no child to one child, we now have lots of kids items around the house too. This idea is from Leanne at Organising the Four of Us, and you can read her January Update from last year here. 

Master bedroom
We haven't altered this room much, although I gave it a massive declutter a few months ago. The quilt, cushions, test tube vase and clock are new, as are the pictures in the frames. 

Miss M's room
We've added in the tree coat/hat stand, a new clock, a chest of drawers, and changed the layout a few times, but this is pretty much the same (I still love the colours Brendan chose for the nursery!) 

Guest Bedroom
This room also had a massive cleanout this year, as it was a dumping ground at the start of the year! I have since bought a new quilt, new cushions, new bedside tables, and the trolley and baskets on the side are new as well (all thanks to Kmart!) I really love this room now, and even though the picture doesn't show it, it's really large and bright and airy. 

No changes here except I purchased a new set of fluffy white and charcoal towels this year! 

Main bathroom
We've added in kids bath toys, plus the little stool for me to sit on when I bath Miss M, and the bath runner, which was from Lorraine Lea Linen. 

Lounge Area
This has had the most changes, as there used to be a wall basically dividing this room in half! It was so tiny, and very dark. You can read about our renovation and see before pics here. All of our furniture is new (or secondhand but new for us) except the lounges. 

No changes here, except that this room is a lot more open now after the renovation. I love my clock from Kmart, it adds a lovely splash of colour!

Pretty much all the furniture has changed in here, and is now both our dining room, and Miss M's playroom. 

The only change has been the pineapple canvases on the wall and the shelf with hooks for hats; we also started using some of the shelves as pantry shelves, and Brendan installed some spice racks for me in the cupboard!

That's what our house looks like in January 2016! The front and the back of the house were shown in blog posts I did in December. I wonder if there will be many changes next January!

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