Pregnancy Diary - The First Trimester!

Brendan and I had talked about having a two year gap between Miss M and a second child, if we were to be blessed with one. Well, our two year gap became a 21 month gap when we found out we were pregnant! I was very excited, and of course very nervous, as I started contemplating life with two kids!

I wanted to journal my way through this pregnancy, as I had a pretty rough time with my first pregnancy - bad morning sickness, constant aches and pains, a big mental battle with a lot of weight gain - and I was hoping and praying I could have a much healthier and fitter pregnancy this time round. I was certainly in a much better mental and physical state this time, and I hope to be able to celebrate the amazing miracle pregnancy is, focusing on all the positives! 

One thing I have always enjoyed is visiting my doctor, which in my town, is who you see the whole way through your pregnancy, and who will deliver the baby (I know some see midwives throughout instead, and the doctor just at the end). I hope to go to the doctor without Miss M each month, as it is sort of a mini-vacation for me, and a chance to relax (how sad lol!) I love seeing where I'm up to in the pregnancy, and my doctor has a mini ultrasound machine in her office, and it's always exciting and emotional seeing your baby each visit. 

At my first appointment, my doctor's calculations were that I was 7 weeks + 4 days, however I thought I was probably less than that, and when she used the ultrasound machine, she said I was definitely only about 5 weeks (which is what I expected) and that we would wait until my next visit in a month to decide on an estimated due date. I am due in September though, either mid to late September. I was 6 days over with Miss M, so I will go with the later date! 

I had not had any symptoms at all at week 5, which is when my morning sickness began last pregnancy. Brendan and I were in Europe and I was vomiting 10 times a day some days, and could hardly keep anything down (I didn't want to eat much anyway). I was thankful not to have that hit me this time, though I was nervous it would come! I felt like I had already popped out though, so I knew I had to be careful to hide my tiny bump until 12 weeks!

Soon though, I did have some nausea in the mornings for about a week. This was nothing like with Miss M, and eased a little when I ate breakfast. I feel hungrier but I am trying to eat as healthy as I can, as I want to avoid the 27kg weight gain I had with Miss M (once my morning sickness subsided, I only wanted to eat junk food!) I am actually craving fruit, salads, veggies and lots of healthy foods this time, which is a nice change! Another funny craving has been curried egg sandwiches, which I wouldn't usually eat!

At my second appointment, the doctor measured the baby to be 9 weeks, and so my due date will be the 26th September 2016! Everything is going well so far, and I even got to see my baby's tiny heartbeat! I am still feeling great, and I have started Pilates on a reformer machine each week, and am still trying to walk as much as I can while juggling work and Miss M!

My third appointment was at 13 weeks and I got to see a definite image of my tiny bubba! There was a little flickering heartbeat - it brought a tear to my eye. It was never cease to amaze me just how technology has enabled us to see our babies throughout the 9 months, and even more so the fact that they are growing everyday in there! Everything is going well and is on track - I measured about 12cm and the doctor was happy with that. I have a definite belly now, and can't hide it when I wear dresses. My jeans are tight already, and I've just retrieved my two tubs of maternity clothes from the garage. A friend and I had the brilliant idea of sharing all our maternity clothes, so we have stored them in two tubs and it means you get double the choice! It's quite hard to find maternity clothes now - Big W and Target used to have a larger range than they do now, and even Kmart doesn't seem to have as many as they used to. Rivers actually have lots of dresses which fall from under the chest and so they are great for a growing belly. We don't have a lot of choice of shops where I live, but anything that works is great!

I have been feeling extremely tired (I am thankful this is the only symptom though!) and it has really knocked-me-for-a-six. I am so used to being productive during the day, but lately all I want to do is nap. I am not a napper at all, and hate the way you wake up feeling groggy, but some days I just cannot keep my eyes open. I have found it challenging chasing after Miss M all day, as well as working, and doing all the things I always do (cleaning, cooking, washing etc.) The decluttering has definitely taken a back-seat, but I have to remind myself that I need to take care of myself.

As far as planning for the baby, I already have a double pram, and a capsule with car-seat attachment (I didn't use a capsule with Miss M, but am hoping it is very useful this time round, to allow the baby to keep sleeping once I bring it inside!) I will use Miss M's bassinet, and I already have lots of girls and boys clothes (I was given a big bag of neutral clothes when I had Miss M, but I felt they were more suited for a boy. They are absolutely beautiful and in fantastic condition, so I've kept them, as you just never know!) Once you have one baby, you definitely realise what you do and do not need!

Brendan and I have looked at some names we like already, and we've decided not to find out the gender this time round. We found out with Miss M as I wanted to be prepared and have her room set-up which I loved doing, but because I already have most baby items this time round, we've decided on a surprise!

That's pretty much it for the first trimester - I'll keep you updated throughout my pregnancy! It's all very exciting! :)

Excuse the mess in these photos haha! #keepingitreal

6 weeks

12 weeks

13 weeks

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