Celebrating our 3-year wedding anniversary!

Today marks 3 years since the most wonderful day - our wedding! On the 27th April, 2013 in front of hundreds of our family and friends, Brendan and I were married in our church, and then we enjoyed a reception at the local Golf Club. It was such an amazing day. It's incredible to think how far we've come since that day - buying a house, raising a gorgeous daughter, as well as one on the way!

I'm going to let the pictures tell the story!

[Images are by Must See Photography. The original quality of the images is not reflected in these above however - these are taken from Facebook and sent via email, so the quality has deteriorated somewhat!]

Autumn Declutter Week 2

Week 2's decluttering was a little disjointed as Miss M and I went away for 4 nights as it's school holidays here in NSW. But I did manage to get a few tasks done before we went and when we got back.

Cleaning out the pantry:

I forgot to take before pics of my two pantries (don't get excited, they are both very small!) but here are the after pics. It's hard when you have limited space, you really have to keep on top of tidying it, and of course this doesn't always happen!

This pantry is just 3 shelves in my laundry and I basically keep extra items that we don't use everyday in the kitchen. I am trying not to overstock this cupboard (because it won't fit, and because I forget it's there half the time!)

The pull-out pantry in my kitchen always needed tidying. My Kmart 'tupperware' has been working really well, and this section was neat. The two shelves below were not! I need to break the habit of just chucking stuff back in as I use it (because it really does take any more time to place it back in!)

Cleaning and tidying under my island bench:

I love my island bench, but I wouldn't have open shelves again (though this was here when we bought the house). It gets so dusty and dirty. I forgot to take a before pic, but this is during my clean-up:

After: There are a lot of items here but they are stacked neatly, and are all within easy reach (and I really don't have other options of where to put things!) It feels much nicer being clean and tidy.

Tidying the buffet hutch in the kitchen:

Again, no before pic, but this is our dumping ground, so it often needs tidying. The cupboard underneath is full but it's tidy and everything is accessible (and a bag full of stuff is going to charity!)

Under the ensuite bathroom sink:

This cupboard is tiny and as much as I try and limit what is put under here, it does get messy.


I purchased the $9 makeup organiser from Kmart as I used to store my makeup just in a travel bag, so we will see how this works! Again, the cupboard is full but only with essentials - I have culled many things we don't need, and actually, the 3 little cupboard drawers on the right are practically empty, but this is because Miss M is always into them (we have a child lock on the cupboard doors though).

That's it for this week, but every little bit helps! More next week!


Pregnancy Diary - Weeks 14-17

I am happy to report during week 15, my energy returned and I've actually felt like being really productive - I've possibly even starting nesting! I didn't get the nesting urge until about the week before Miss M was due last time, so it's been nice to want to tidy, clean and declutter the house! Especially after having to let it go while I had no energy for 10 or so weeks.

I've still been nauseous quite often, especially if I don't eat every 2 or so hours. This means I really need to take snacks with me wherever I go. I was at the hairdresser for 3 hours and I had to ask whether they had any crackers, because I wasn't feeling great after a couple of hours!

I've been craving vegemite and cheese sandwiches or toast, as well as fried rice, fruit, veggies and cold water. I don't normally crave healthy foods - normally I crave very sweet foods, but it's been a nice change! It has been a lot easier because of these cravings to eat healthy.

My weight gain so far is about 3kgs, which I'm very happy with so far. This is about the same as last pregnancy at this point. Because I was so sick last time, I really didn't put on weight until the end of the 2nd trimester, so this is more slow and steady weight gain. I am aiming for approximately 15kgs (or less of course, as long as it's not 27kgs again!)

At the start of week 16, I was really sick, and spent a whole day in bed. It came on suddenly, and I had back aches, stomach aches, headaches, nausea, dizziness and no appetite. I couldn't get out of bed - it even hurt to go to the bathroom. I am normally not one to have to be in bed when I'm sick. The symptoms fairly well subsided after 24 hours, however I continued having stomach pains. Because I was pregnant, I decided after 36 hours to call maternity and ask whether I should go to the doctor. They said I should, in case it was a urinary tract infection. I got into a doctor later that day (on my birthday!), and I was pleased to see on the little ultrasound machine that the baby was perfect. He actually said I was measuring a whole week further along than I originally thought, so we will have to wait and see for the 18-week scan exactly how far along I am! The doctor said it sounded like I had caught a gastro bug. Other than taking 'Ural' there was nothing else I could really do, but keep my fluids up and rest. After another day, I actually felt almost 100% better! Miss M and I went away for 4 nights (Brendan was working and training for a cycling race so he stayed home), however I continued to have random symptoms  - headaches most days, I vomited once, and I just really lacked energy. We did have an enjoyable trip though! I visited two friends - one with a 7 month old boy, and another with a 4 year old, 2 year old, and one on the way - she is due about the same time as me!

I am definitely seeing a belly now and I'm not fitting into my jeans or shorts anymore! I can still fit into lots of my pre-pregnancy tops, but I'm definitely in maternity pants now. I have been wearing maternity tops though because they are much more comfortable. Last pregnancy it wasn't until the end of the 2nd trimester that I needed any maternity item. It's cute as the kids I teach at school slowly realise - they are so hesitant to ask me whether I'm pregnant!

I am feeling a few flutters now and then, which is very exciting! It is mostly in the evenings when I lay down. I can't wait to feel a more definite kick - I loved that last time!

I've been looking at the old wives tales just for fun, and it looks like there is no definite answer for what I'm having - half say boy, and half say girl! Brendan and I have decided to have a surprise, which will be hard for me when we have our scan, but Brendan is keen for a surprise this time seeing as we found out last time! I am happy with either gender - I would love a boy, but I'm sure Miss M would love to have a little sister to play with! Plus, I didn't have a sister, so I would love her to experience that. I don't think this will be my last pregnancy, but we will see!

At my 17-week doctors appointment, Brendan and Miss M came along to see the new baby! Brendan got a photo on his phone of baby Jones who had their head down, and you can see fairly clearly their little spine and ribs! The photo is at the bottom of this post. Everything is going well, the heart beat is strong, and I'm measuring about 16cm.

Our 18-week scan is booked for early May, so I will write about that in the next post!

I'll leave you with some more pics!

 14 weeks

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks (ultrasound at the doctor's office)


A 28th Birthday High Tea!

Today I celebrated my 28th birthday! I wanted to keep it low-key, and decided that a small high tea with a few friends would be a lovely way to spend the afternoon. Brendan was working this morning so it was just Miss M and I at home this morning, however I was still recovering from being quite sick yesterday (and had to duck out to the doctor's today anyway) so it was lucky that the high-tea wasn't going to be stressful to plan or set-up! In total, it probably only took me half an hour to set up (and less than that to clean up!)

I did intend to bake some sweet treats however once I got sick I decided it wouldn't be a good idea! It turned out to be much easier to just buy a few nice items instead. I bought some macarons from McCafe, a chocolate hedgehog slice from the bakery, and some scones, pikelets (plus jam and cream), malteasers, musk sticks and strawberries from Woolworths. I used my teapots to serve tea and also had juice and water. The best part was being able to use my Mum's 30-year old fancy tea-set on a fresh white tablecloth.

A friend of mine had made a delicious banana cake that she brought round as well, and Brendan bought me a beautiful bunch of gerberas which took centre stage on the table. Another friend had made me some gorgeous bunting which I hung up in our sunroom (which I think I might leave up - I love it!)  

The food was delicious and the company excellent - we all had a lovely afternoon and it was the perfect way to spend my 28th birthday! I'll leave you with some photos (excuse all the toys in the sunroom/playroom, but that's motherhood for you haha!)


Autumn Declutter Week 1

Last year I set about organising and decluttering my home, which you can read in past blog posts (all titled 'Organise & Declutter'). Once I'd finished (although my garage is a never-ending work-in-progress!) did my house stay clean, organised and decluttered? The short answer is NO! I live with a mini-tornado named 15-month old Miss M, so it was never going to stay that way for long. But that's ok! Because I had completed a bit declutter, and the house had a lot less stuff in it, I've found it's a lot easier to keep clean. I'm beginning another declutter (now that I have some 2nd trimester energy!) and I'm imagining that it won't be as time-consuming this time round.

I've began my Autumn Declutter this week. I have bought myself a notebook which will have my to-do list in it each day. I use my phone calendar to remember things but having everything written down and kept on the bench in front of me is a good reminder to be productive! So far, it's working well.

The plan is to just tackle small jobs when I am at home with Miss M, during her nap-time (between 12 and 2). I've started with some over-due jobs:

Scrubbing Miss M's highchair:

I've been meaning to do this for months! We have a second-hand Target highchair, which I've cut the straps and padding off (they just got too grubby and Miss M didn't like being strapped in, plus she's always supervised while she's in it). I love this style of highchair, as it's so easy to clean.

Here's the before pics (I realise it doesn't look grubby, but I think the sun was too bright - trust me, it was gross!):

Here's the after pics: (again I apologise for how bright the sun is!)

I simply used detergent and a scrubbing brush, and the hose to rinse it off. Very simple, 5 minute job done!

Tidying our DVD's:

This area becomes a dumping ground at times, and is often untidy when we don't put DVD's back where they belong. It was quite easy just to tidy everything up. Before:

After. Much better!

Cleaning out and organising the fridge & freezer:

This is almost a weekly task, and as you can see in this before picture, it was well overdue!

I got rid of lots of things that didn't need to be there or that were out-of-date, re-organised the items on the shelves and gave everything a wipe-over.


Sorting Miss M's clothes:

Miss M is well and truly out of 00's now, and she doesn't fit into 0 suits (but still fits into tops, pants and dresses that are 0). She is slowly heading towards the 1's! This week I went through all her clothes, and folded up what she didn't fit into, and stored them in the labelled tubs for each size we keep in the garage (see pic below). I then placed all the size 1's I had into her drawers ready to go. Any clothes she hadn't worn I am giving to charity.

I have also sorted through my recipe books this week, and have a big garage bag ready to go to charity. Feels good to get this process started again! Feel free to pick a few areas of your home and follow along with me!

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