Winter Dinner Ideas

I don't know about you, but as soon as the colder weather hits, I'm looking for hot, comfort food of a night time! I've put together a handy list of winter dinner ideas if you are stuck for things to make for dinner, and the best bit about it is that lots of these can be prepared ahead of time so that dinner time isn't so hectic!

Click on each heading for the recipe. Some recipes are for the slow-cooker, others are for the Thermomix, and others are just the good old-fashioned stove-top or oven instructions!

Frozen fish, sweet potato fries and veggies (no recipe - just an easy, tasty meal idea!)

Beef Nachos (no recipe - just cook some mince with taco seasoning, add nacho chips, and any salad of your choice, plus salsa and guacamole!)

Other ideas:
 - Quiche
 - Cannelloni
 - Risotto
 - Zucchini Slice
 - Veggie or beef burgers
 - Lasagna
 - Corned Beef
 - Shepherd's Pie
 - San Choy Bow
 - Burritos/Tacos
 - Tandoori Chicken
 - Satay Chicken
 - Chicken Parmigiana
 - Cashew Chicken
 - Apricot Chicken
 - Chicken or beef stirfry
 - Spag bol
 - Homemade pizzas
 - Sweet and sour pork
 - Pesto pasta
 - BBQ Ribs
 - Lamb Shanks
 - Vegetable Soup
 - Ham and Pea Soup
 - Potato and Leek Soup
 - Beef Stew/Casserole

Hopefully some of those ideas help with meal planning during the winter!

[All images taken by me - I'm no food stylist haha!]

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