Pregnancy Diary Weeks 22-27

It's been awhile since I've written about my pregnancy - I've had a hard time getting into the doctor (mainly because of the long weekend) and I had been writing these 'diary entries' following each monthly doctor's visit. Doesn't time fly though - I'm about to step into the third trimester!

I've still been feeling really good, although the second trimester energy is fading a little and I am feeling tireder during the day and of an afternoon. It doesn't help with this weather! It has been ridiculously cold, and all I've wanted to do has been to stay indoors! Exercise is fairly well non-existent because of this haha! I've been enjoying my days off, and have been trying to spend lots of time with Miss M (who has just turned 18 months!) doing craft and make-believe play and fun activities like that.

It's starting to hit me just how close to having this baby I am! Only 3 months to go if he or she arrives on time. I am feeling excited, but also nervous because I don't think I realise just how much life will soon be very different! I guess it all depends on the temperament of the baby, as well as how much they sleep, and also my attitude towards it all! Miss M was a really well-behaved baby and I felt like I got into the swing of it quite quickly, and it helped that she slept through early on (only until 6 months old though!) but there's no guarantee what the next one will be like. That's all part of the fun though!

I have made a list of things I want to achieve while on maternity leave, as the end of August isn't far away! I will share this with you later on in another post. It has things like cleaning, decluttering, making sure I am ready for the baby (washing clothes etc.) and making lots of freezer meals. I am very blessed to have some amazing friends who create a roster for 2 weeks worth of dinner meals - this was such a big help after I'd had Miss M 18 months ago!

Weight gain at this point is about 10kgs. I am still quite happy with that. I do get worried as I head into the third trimester that I will put on lots of weight, but if I continue with my healthy habits, hopefully I can aim not to put on more than 15. I did have a bit of a mindset shift a few weeks ago, where I felt very overwhelmed with the weight gain (as someone who's always struggled with their weight, it is always hard to remember to remind myself that putting on weight is a good thing in pregnancy!) I could feel myself starting not to care about what I put into my mouth, but that's exactly what happened last pregnancy. I decided to go and see a dietician, just for a once off visit. I know quite a bit about food and nutrition, but it was really good confirmation of what I had been doing, and I also gained some great ideas for low GI breakfast, lunches and dinners to keep me full. It was a really good experience, and my mindset was able to shift again to being positive and making healthy choices again.

I haven't had any other food cravings particularly - I'm still enjoying nuts and dried fruit and fresh fruit. A new small business in my town has opened up that sells sugar-free treats, so I've been trying to replace my need for something sweet each day for one of those! My favourites are a raw chocolate slice and a raw caramel slice. So good! It means I don't need to go and buy chocolate, but still get my sweet treat!

At my doctor's appointment at 27 weeks and 4 days, I got my whooping cough booster vaccine and flu vaccine, and I got to see my beautiful bubba who is now head down! At my last appointment at 21 weeks he or she was sideways and so it's a very good thing they have shifted! The heartbeat is strong and I am still feeling lots of kicks, especially at night. It's such an amazing feeling! 

That's about it - it's been much less eventful this past 6 weeks. I'm thankful Term 2 is over, which included some stressful report-writing - Term 3 should be much quieter. Excited for the school holidays!

Week 22

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