Reflections on Project 14

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I have just completed Project 14 and I want to share some of my experience and my reflections because it was FANTASTIC!

Project 14 was a private, paid Facebook group, set up by Leanne from my favourite blog and Facebook page 'Organising the Four of Us.' For only $29, we were treated to 14 days of tasks (plus two pre-tasks) plus a live video of between 30 and 60 mins daily by Leanne where she went through various strategies for each task and what works for her, and we could ask her any questions we liked. The group of about 55 people was interactive and we could post pictures to the wall or ask questions as we completed each task.

The tasks included some very interesting topics including:

 - Creating morning and evening routines
 - Creating daily habits
 - Decluttering spaces
 - Being mindful
 - Being productive
 - Budgeting
 - Relationships
 - Nourishing your mind
 - Self-care 
 - Family time 

I chose to take part in Project 14 for a few reasons:

 - It was being held during week 10 and the first week of the school holidays, which was perfect for me as I only had two days of work during week 10, and was home the first week of the holidays
 - I was keen to 'shake-up' my current routine
 - I am always motivated by a group-approach to anything
 - I really admire Leanne, and her positive view on life
 - I have started 'nesting' and was keen to get in and declutter a few spaces, as well as look at my existing routines

I really looked forward to waking up and seeing a new task card for the day, and finding out what we were focusing on. I thought that I would love the decluttering tasks the most, but I actually got the most out of the 'self-care' days, especially being productive, being mindful and nourishing your self. Putting aside 30-60 mins to listen to the live video each day meant that I had a special time for myself to just sit, relax, and think about my goals for the house and for my family and myself, and I really felt motivated and inspired afterwards.

The best bit about Project 14 is that I not only spent 14 days being very productive (while allowing myself a time to relax each day!) but I have learnt a ton of new strategies that I have continued to use, even after the 14 days had finished. The page has stayed open as a very supportive group has been created, and everyone is so lovely and so willing to help out.

Leanne is planning on running a second Project 14, and I really encourage everyone to join in, as it is one of the most inspiring and motivating things I have been apart of!

[Image: Organising the Four of Us on Facebook]

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