Pregnancy Diary Weeks 32-35

We're on the home straight now - only 5 weeks to go!

About week 32, my body started to remind me why pregnancy is tough in those final weeks. I have more aches and pains, it's getting quite hard to sleep, I can't tie my shoes unless I turn into a pretzel, I certainly can't shave my legs (I'm thankful it's winter!) and my bump is getting in the way of washing up, and just general things I have to do throughout the day. But, I am remaining positive! It is only for a short time, and it is for the best reason ever - to bring another beautiful life into this world. I had a much rougher time with Miss M, and she was absolutely worth it - her and Brendan are my absolute world.

I had a doctor's appointment at week 31 (which I wrote about in my previous Pregnancy Diary post), another in week 33, and another in week 35 (I'm on fortnightly appointments, and then will be on weekly appointments at 37 weeks). Everything is going well - my blood pressure is good, both times I have been measuring 2cm behind the week I'm up to (so 31cm at week 33, and 33cm at week 35) which is normal, and at week 35 the baby had dropped and I am 3/5 engaged (as I understand it, 4/5 & 5/5 mean the baby's head isn't engaged - 3/5, 2/5 and 1/5 mean that it is). I saw the little heartbeat on the ultrasound machine in the doctor's office (which is always so special and comforting!) and at week 35 he or she was sticking their tongue in and out - super cute!

I now only have just over a week left of work - I finish next Wednesday at 36 weeks and 3 days (on the 31st August). I can't wait! There are a fair few stairs at work, so I won't miss climbing them, but I know I'll miss the students and the staff I work with. I'm sure I'll go back and do some casual days sometime next year though - we will see!

I have a list of things I want to do before the baby arrives, to hopefully make the newborn days slightly easier. Besides setting up the things I'll need for baby #2 (the bassinet which is ready to go in the guest room, bringing the tubs of clothes upstairs (I have both boys & girls clothes ready to go), and putting the car seat in my car), I need to pack my hospital bag, a bag for the baby (which is done - I just washed all the little boy's and girl's clothes this past week) and a bag for Miss M (as my Mum will come into the labour room with Brendan and I, Miss M will go to my Dad or brother if I go into labour during the night!), and I want to make sure the house is clean and decluttered (I love the nesting phase!) and I want to fill our freezer with some meals ready for after the baby is born. I also have plans to rest and relax, and catch up on as much sleep as I can. Miss M will continue with day care one day a week (she just loves it and is thriving there!), and hopefully my Mum agrees to having Miss M for half a day once a week as well, so I can have some time to myself (which I'm sure will be in short supply soon!)

Interestingly, my savoury cravings are still around, but are now joined by sweet cravings as well, like every single day! I was sick around 34 weeks with a cold so didn't feel like eating a lot, but in the days following when I was recovering, I couldn't be bothered cooking proper meals, and lived on cereal and toast for a bit. So it's safe to say my diet lately hasn't been the best. I need to get back into some good habits so I can carry these on once I've had the baby, and lose the baby weight!

We had our maternity shoot at 33 weeks, and I am really happy with the photos! I shared them in a previous blog post, check it out here. It's so nice to be able to celebrate such a beautiful time, and it was lovely to include Miss M in the photos (actually I think she almost stole the show!) We will do newborn photos within the first 10 days of the new baby's life as well. I love to display these on my walls, and to be able to include them in the photobooks I add to each month.

I'll leave you with some photos, and I'll write again closer to week 40 - crazy to think it's so close now!

33 weeks

34 weeks

35 weeks


Our Maternity Photo Shoot

I love getting mini photoshoots done with professional photographers to celebrate certain milestones in our lives, and I just really treasure the memories created. We recently had a maternity shoot to celebrate the impending arrival of baby #2 with Captured Moments by Ashley (who has taken beautiful photos of Miss M before) and I wanted to share some of my favourites.

Before Miss M was born, Brendan and I had a maternity shoot with Pixel Me Photography (who has also taken our family photos before), and we are planning to have Darelle take the newborn photos of baby #2. Here are my favourites from that shoot:


Olympics Fun - Ideas from Pinterest

I can't wait until Miss M is a little bit older and we can do lots of themed activities. One I will definitely be doing with her in another 4 years time is some Olympics-themed crafts and baking. Brendan and I have been enjoying watching some of the events on TV, and as a kid I remember doing activities at primary school for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and of course the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Here are some fun ideas I found on Pinterest - you might like to try some of these with your kids!

Food & Baking Ideas

1. Bake a cake and decorate with the Olympic rings (using M&M's) and mini flags:

2. Bake and decorate Olympic cookies (or using any round cookie, or even rice cookies to look like Olympic rings):

3. Bake and decorate Olympic Rings cupcakes:

4. Put together a table of food in the Olympics rings colours (this could be made into a healthy treat as well, using fruit and veggies!):

5. Here are some fun food ideas for a party - Olympic rings cupcakes, biscuit medals and waffle cones made into the Olympic torch:

6. An Olympics inspired drink using alcohol for the adults or lemonade or water for the kids and coloured life savers to represent the Olympic rings:

7. Using blue jelly, pink lollies and tiny teddies, create an Olympic pool:

Craft & Games Ideas

1. Create your own medal out of cardboard and ribbon:

2. Make your own torch out of cardboard, tissue paper and al foil:

 3. Make a podium, and run events (e.g. running races, 3-legged races, egg & spoon race, wheelbarrow races etc.) and you can have your own medal ceremony

 4. Using paints and cups, create your own Olympics rings artwork:

5. Decorate the Olympic rings using tissue paper:

6. Create the Olympic rings using paper plates and paint:

 7. Print out an Olympic Sports Bingo template and play a round of Bingo (e.g. each time one of these is drawn out of a hat, you can place a token/marker on one box - first one with 4 in a row wins)

8. Find some smooth rocks and paint different countries flags:

There are plenty more ideas on Pinterest - all images from


Two Thermomix No-Bake Slices

Recently I've discovered just how easy and delicious 'Bake Play Smile's' No-Bake Slices are! I've made the peppermint slice, and the caramello slice. They have only a few ingredients each, and on the website are Thermomix and non-Thermomix instructions. Perfect to wow your friends with when you have to bring a slice to an event! Beware: they are super-addictive but definitely not healthy!!

Super Easy Chocolate Peppermint Slice

Here's the link to the peppermint slice:

Here's the recipe:

  • 1 x 250g packet of plain, sweet biscuits (such as Marie), crushed
  • ¾ tin of sweetened condensed milk (you can always add a little more if the mixture is too dry)
  • 100g butter, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1-2 tiny drops peppermint essence (be careful - it's powerful stuff!!)
  • 1 X 200g block Cadbury Peppermint chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 150g white chocolate
  • 3-4 drops green food colouring
  1. Crush the biscuits in a food processor (don't worry if there are still a fair few bigger chunks... that's fine!) and then pour into a mixing bowl.
  2. Sift the cocoa into the bowl.
  3. Melt butter, block of peppermint chocolate and condensed milk in a saucepan over a very low heat. Mix until smooth.
  4. Pour warm chocolate mixture onto the biscuits and mix well.
  5. Very carefully add two tiny drops of peppermint essence and mix well.
  6. Spread mixture into a baking paper lined slice pan.
  7. Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in the microwave on low (stirring regularly) and pour over the cooled slice.
  8. Working quickly, add a couple of drops of green food colouring to the white chocolate and swirl with a skewer.
  9. Pop into the fridge until just set (tacky to the touch but not hard).
  10. Take out of the fridge and slice into squares.

Thermomix Instructions:

1. Crush biscuits on Turbo by pulsing until they resemble small crumbs.
2. Pour biscuits into a bowl and set aside.
3. Add the cubed butter, condensed milk and broken up chocolate to the Thermomix bowl.
4. Melt on 50 degrees, speed 2 for 4 minutes, stirring regularly (if there are still any lumps, melt it for a little longer).
5. Add the biscuit crumbs, cocoa and peppermint essence to the chocolate mixture.
6. Mix on reverse speed 2 for 30 seconds (or until totally combined)
7. Spread into a baking paper lined slice pan and set aside (don’t put it in the fridge yet or the chocolate topping will set too quickly!).
8. Grate the white chocolate on Speed 5 for 10 seconds.
9. Scrape down the bowl and melt on 50 degrees, speed 2 for 3-5 minutes (scraping down the sides regularly).
10. Pour chocolate over the slice.
11. Working quickly, add a couple of drops of green food colouring and swirl with a skewer.
12. Pop into the fridge until just set (tacky to the touch but not hard).
13. Take it out of the fridge and slice into squares.

Caramello Slice

Here's the link to the Caramello Slice:

Here's the recipe:


  • 220g Caramello chocolate
  • 1 x 250g packet of plain biscuits – crushed
  • ¼ cup (60g) butter
  • ½ - ¾ tin (200-300g) condensed milk (I find that it sometimes depends on the type of biscuits you use as to whether you need a little more or less)
  • ¼ cup (20g) coconut
  • 220g block plain chocolate for topping

      1. Crush biscuits in a food processor.
      2. Break chocolate into pieces and melt with butter in the microwave.
      3. Stir in condensed milk, coconut and melt with butter in the microwave.
      4. Press into a standard sized rectangle slice tray that has been greased and lined with baking paper.
      5. Refridgerate.
      6. Melt the block of plain chocolate and spread evenly over the top.
      7. Refridgerate for a couple of hours or until completely set and hardened.
      8. Cut into slices.
    Thermomix Instructions:

    1. Place biscuits into the TM bowl and crush by holding on Turbo for 5-10 seconds.
    2. Set biscuits aside.
    3. Melt butter and broken up caramello chocolate on 50 degrees, Speed 3, 4-5 mins (scraping down the bowl occasionally).
    4. Add biscuits, coconut and condensed milk to the bowl and mix on reverse Speed 3 for 1 minute (scraping down the bowl occasionally).
    5. Press into a standard sized rectangular slice tray and refrigerate.
    6.  Place the block of plain chocolate into the TM bowl and grate on Speed 5 for 10 seconds.
    7. Melt on Speed 3, 4-5 mins (scraping down the bowl occasionally).
    8. Refrigerate for a couple of hours or until completely set and hardened.
    9. Cut into slices.


    (Both photos are mine)


          Changing Rooms! The Guest Room & Miss M's Room

          I had a thought about two weeks ago that I wanted a change in our house. My immediate thought was to change Miss M's current room with our guest room. In our house we have 3 bedrooms: the master, the guest room and Miss M's room. The master and current guest room have built-ins (the master has an ensuite as well) and both are very large rooms. Miss M's room is not as large, is an odd-shape and has no built-ins. We chose that to originally be her bedroom because it is closer to the living room and so is warmer (as our living area is fully renovated and insulated) plus it's easier to hear her if she wakes, and I guess also because it felt weird at the time that a tiny baby would be in such a big room on her own. The lack of storage in M's room has always been an issue, although it does mean I declutter fairly often. I also like the idea of kids sharing rooms (I was the only girl in my family and always had my own room, and funnily enough, I would have liked the experience of sharing a room!) regardless of whether they are both girls, and so it made sense to switch rooms. I think too, I can officially say at 32 weeks that I'm nesting!

          Here is how the rooms looked originally:

          The Guest Room (you can read my blog about it here)

          This was in 2013 when we moved in, and the room was still purple! This furniture is what we use in our master bedroom now.

          I did a big clean-up of the room in 2015.

          Still so much bookcase clutter in 2015!

          We painted the room, and changed the handles on the desk and cupboards.

          A fresh new bedspread in 2016.

          Another new bedspread in 2016. We also changed the powerpoints to modern ones.

          Now, this room is Miss M's and is all ready for the new baby as well!

          At this stage, one side of this built-in has other storage (extra cushions, luggage etc.) and the right has been cleared out and has two sets of 4-shelf pigeon hole shelves ready for the new babies clothes. The drawers are also empty, and the bedside table underneath is ready for anything I need for the new baby. 

          When the new baby is born and we know the gender, I can either continue the pink theme on this side of the room for a girl (the side with the cot) or remove any pink items and add in blue's, aqua/turquoise and oranges and yellows for a boy. 

           Miss M's Room (you can read my blog about it here)

          In 2014, before Miss M arrived, we painted her room, changed the brown blinds to teal curtains, and added her furniture as well as this beautiful tree sticker!

          This is pretty much how this room stayed until 2016.

          Now this room is our guest room!

          I picked up this cheap quilt from Coles on clearance for $12.50 recently. I love being able to change the colour of quilts (something I can't do in our master bedroom which has green walls! It's a lovely green but it is limiting). 

          The bookcase holds every book in our house (except Miss M's books) and our teaching resources. I have decluttered it a lot recently, but it is an ongoing process! 
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