Changing Rooms! The Guest Room & Miss M's Room

I had a thought about two weeks ago that I wanted a change in our house. My immediate thought was to change Miss M's current room with our guest room. In our house we have 3 bedrooms: the master, the guest room and Miss M's room. The master and current guest room have built-ins (the master has an ensuite as well) and both are very large rooms. Miss M's room is not as large, is an odd-shape and has no built-ins. We chose that to originally be her bedroom because it is closer to the living room and so is warmer (as our living area is fully renovated and insulated) plus it's easier to hear her if she wakes, and I guess also because it felt weird at the time that a tiny baby would be in such a big room on her own. The lack of storage in M's room has always been an issue, although it does mean I declutter fairly often. I also like the idea of kids sharing rooms (I was the only girl in my family and always had my own room, and funnily enough, I would have liked the experience of sharing a room!) regardless of whether they are both girls, and so it made sense to switch rooms. I think too, I can officially say at 32 weeks that I'm nesting!

Here is how the rooms looked originally:

The Guest Room (you can read my blog about it here)

This was in 2013 when we moved in, and the room was still purple! This furniture is what we use in our master bedroom now.

I did a big clean-up of the room in 2015.

Still so much bookcase clutter in 2015!

We painted the room, and changed the handles on the desk and cupboards.

A fresh new bedspread in 2016.

Another new bedspread in 2016. We also changed the powerpoints to modern ones.

Now, this room is Miss M's and is all ready for the new baby as well!

At this stage, one side of this built-in has other storage (extra cushions, luggage etc.) and the right has been cleared out and has two sets of 4-shelf pigeon hole shelves ready for the new babies clothes. The drawers are also empty, and the bedside table underneath is ready for anything I need for the new baby. 

When the new baby is born and we know the gender, I can either continue the pink theme on this side of the room for a girl (the side with the cot) or remove any pink items and add in blue's, aqua/turquoise and oranges and yellows for a boy. 

 Miss M's Room (you can read my blog about it here)

In 2014, before Miss M arrived, we painted her room, changed the brown blinds to teal curtains, and added her furniture as well as this beautiful tree sticker!

This is pretty much how this room stayed until 2016.

Now this room is our guest room!

I picked up this cheap quilt from Coles on clearance for $12.50 recently. I love being able to change the colour of quilts (something I can't do in our master bedroom which has green walls! It's a lovely green but it is limiting). 

The bookcase holds every book in our house (except Miss M's books) and our teaching resources. I have decluttered it a lot recently, but it is an ongoing process! 

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