Freezer Meal Ideas - Preparing for Baby #2

I am very blessed to have some wonderful friends who, each time a new baby arrives, prepare a one to two week meal roster to provide dinner for the family each night, delivered to their door! It was so helpful when we had Miss M, and just meant we could focus on getting used to such a massive change, rather than worrying about cooking dinner each night for awhile. I am so looking forward to some delicious dinners again this time, but have also chosen to fill my freezer with a range of meals as I anticipate an even bigger change from a family of 3 to a family of 4!

Prior to going on maternity leave, I made a list of our favourite meals that I knew were suitable to be frozen. I'm actually not one to spend all day cooking multiple meals (Miss M wouldn't let me haha!), but decided to make my list of meals our menu plan for September and make sure there was enough for at least 2 nights of meals for each dish I cooked. Here is my list (click on each for the recipe I used; most are Thermomix recipes):

 - Skinnymixers Butter Chicken (I've also frozen naan bread, and all we have to do is cook rice and veggies to go with it)

 - Tuna Casserole: no recipe! Just chuck a jar of tuna pasta sauce, cooked pasta, cheese, tuna and frozen veggies into the oven.

 - Porcupine Meatballs (Add mashed potato/rice and veggies)

 - Spag Bol: again no recipe. Just cook an onion, add mince, herbs, a jar of pasta sauce and cooked spaghetti.

 - Chilli Con Carne (Serve with rice and veggies)

 - Rissoles (I have frozen some burger buns so I can use the rissoles for burgers, plus we have extras to just have with mash and veggies or salad)

 - Cashew Chicken (made in the slow cooker. Add rice and fresh cashews to serve)

 - Apricot Chicken risotto (serve on it's own or with extra veggies)

 - Chicken and veg pasta bake: no recipe, just cook chicken, add a pasta sauce, frozen veg, cheese and pasta. Serve as is.

 - Lasagna (serve with veggies or salad)

- Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni (I also added some roast pumpkin. Serve with salad or veggies)

I also have a store-bought meat pie topped with potato, some extra mince and some chicken kebabs & chicken schnitzels frozen as well. I've also made and frozen some savoury muffins for easy lunches or snacks, and some lactation cookies ready for when baby #2 arrives. I labelled everything using washi tape (4 rolls are $2 from Kmart). That should keep me going for awhile!  

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