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I have just received the most beautiful bags in the mail from 'Designs by Emma!' They are custom-made plastic coated bags, and I have chosen the large size in a beautiful and colourful stripy pattern, and a medium size in a light green with gold polka dots. My last nappy bag was nowhere near big enough for a newborn, and so this is ideal timing for me as I have begun maternity leave and am packing my baby bag and hospital bags today!

What makes these bags different from others I believe, is the plastic-coating on the outside. The plastic is so perfect for the numerous spills we can expect from changing babies and cleaning up spew, and not to mention grubby fingers from toddlers! They will be so easy to keep clean, which is what all mum's want!

Emma custom makes these bags for her customers, and her cheerful, positive attitude makes dealing with her a pleasure. She asked me what sort of style I wanted, and then sent me some fabric sample pictures via Facebook messenger. You can also choose any bag extras or additional matching products.

They would make absolutely perfect gifts for Christmas, especially as they are custom made. Why not message Emma for some fabric samples and gift a small, medium or large size bag to that special person in your life? I know I will use these throughout my life for various purposes as my kids grow and my needs change. The quality of the workmanship is just outstanding. And bonus - you are supporting an Australian small-business and a fellow mum! Click on this link to check out her Facebook page! A price list is at the bottom of this post.

Baby's bag / Nappy bag

Here is the contents of my nappy bag (and what I'll be taking to the hospital for the new baby in my custom-made stripy bag.

 - swaddles
 - muslin wraps
 - singlets
 - bibs
 - socks
 - mittens
 - beanies
 - clothes for both boys & girls
 - hand sanitiser
 - baby powder
 - newborn nappies
 - nappy snappies (for the cloth nappies in the hospital)
 - nappy bags
 - wipes
 - dummies
 - toy
 - spew cloth
 - baby wash

Something I found so handy with Miss M was having a change mat in my nappy bag. Unfortunately mine was so small and wasn't very practical. Emma has made me a matching plastic-coated change mat, which is a perfect size for a play mat as well! It also folds quite small to fit into the nappy bag. We have just ordered another one for my Mum to have at her house!

All packed and ready to go!

The green and gold polka-dot bag will be a handy size for many different things - I plan to use it for a bag for the pram when we go walking, plus it will be perfect for Miss M's swimming lessons this summer (especially being plastic-coasted!) It would also be ideal for a bag for teachers (what a great teacher gift!), an overnight bag or even just for mum's handbag.

My Hospital Bag

The large stripy bag would also have been an ideal size for a hospital bag for me! Here are the contents of what I'm taking to the hospital this time:
 - comfy clothes
 - feeding tops
 - PJ's
 - socks
 - thongs for the shower
 - my own pillow (I can't stand the pillows at the hospital!)
 - nice thick toilet paper
 - lollies for Brendan and my Mum while I'm in labour
 - drink bottle
 - large dark coloured underwear
 - bras
 - toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, hand cream, lip balm, deodorant, dry shampoo, hair ties, razor, hand sanitiser
 - heat pack
 - makeup
 - straightener
 - hair dryer
 - phone
 - phone charger
 - lansinoh nipple cream and nipple shields
 - breast pads
 - Panadol
 - a large Aldi bag for a laundry bag
 - dressing gown
 - book or magazine
 - wallet (with Medicare card)
 - breast pump
 - CD for labour
 - massage oil/lotion for labour
 - Old clothes for labour
 - a large towel (the hospital ones are so small!)
 - notepad and pen
 - tissues
 - maternity pads
 - present for Miss M for when the baby arrives (a family barbie doll set from Kmart)

It feels great to be ticking things off on my list while on maternity leave - about 3 and a bit weeks to go!

Designs by Emma Price List

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