22 Teacher Gift Ideas for Christmas

I love this time of year, and I love gift-giving, especially home-made gifts. Pinterest is ideal for gift ideas, and I've put together a few really cute teacher gifts you might choose to make or help your child make for their teacher this year! [All images except the last two are from Pinterest].

Personalised scrabble letters in a frame

Personalised quote in a frame

Pen holders made pretty with crayons!

Homemade hand scrub with a lovely note/tag

Student names in the shape of an apple in a frame

Homemade cookies with a personalised tag

Personalised initial in a frame using crayons

Pencils with flower toppers in a vase

A jar of highlighters with a cute tag

A coffee gift card with the tag 'thanks a latte!'

A 'mint' gift basket: 'thank you for your commitMINT/enjoyMINT/investMINT!'

Fingerprints by each student in a personalised frame

Photos of each student in the shape of an apple in a frame

A succulent or plant with the tag 'thanks for helping me grow!'

A personalised plate with student fingerprints made into fish!

More fingerprint ideas with a sweet quote

New sharpies with a cute tag

A personalised mug

A teacher survival kit - the possibilities for this are endless!

A gift or pamper basket

Another play on words - nail polish and a cute tag: 'thanks for being a toe-tally awesome teacher!'  

Another fingerprint idea on canvas

A custom made plastic-coated bag from Designs by Emma

Read my review of these beautiful bags here.  

A personalised pad from Padtastic!

Read my review of these fabulous pads here.  

Hopefully some of these ideas have inspired a teacher gift you can give this year!

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