Mummy Stuff - 24 Toddler Craft Ideas

I love using Pinterest to gain ideas, especially for all the craft activities I'd love to do with Miss M (although with a month-old newborn as well, I feel like I now have no time!) Here are a few of the easy ideas I've come across that may inspire you as well!

Hot air balloon using a paper plate and popsicle sticks

Birds made using patty pans

Painting using a dish brush

A butterfly made out of coloured card and a toilet roll

 Cars made using toilet rolls and cardboard

A funny clown face made out of a paper plate, pom poms, card and feathers

Dinosaurs made out of paper plates, pegs and coloured card

Celery stamping

Fish made out of patty pans

Flowers made out of popsicle sticks, buttons and coloured card

Flowers made out of egg cartons, straws and paint

An owl made out of a paper plate

Another owl made out of a Styrofoam cup

Planes made out of pegs

A puzzle made out of popsicle sticks

A rainbow made out of a paper plate, cotton wool and crepe paper

A 'name rocket' using coloured card

Butterflies made out of coloured card (and your child's hand outline) and a spoon

A bee made out of a toilet roll

A train made out of shoe boxes, paint and coloured card

Turtles made out of egg cartons

Umbrellas on a rainy day made out of patty pans, pipe cleaners and paint

Butterflies made out of pasta that has been coloured using markers

A duck made out of a painted paper plate, coloured card, feathers and a goggly eye

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