The Sue Series - 'Helping Little Kids Be Big' by Ros Hardy


Are you looking for a unique gift this Christmas for your children, or your child's teacher or carer? Are you a teacher or parent who wants to equip young people with the knowledge of how to deal with serious situations, such as bullying, emergencies and 'stranger danger?'
If you answered yes to either of those questions, then let me introduce you to the 'Sue Series' books. These simple, yet exciting books are filled with colour illustrations and are told in beautiful rhyme, all while telling a story children can relate to, and teaching them how to respond in certain situations.

Book 1 is called 'Numbers to Know - How to Teach Children to Deal with Emergencies (How to Use the Numbers 0-0-0).' Two years ago, my sister-in-law's family house burnt down. It is an absolutely horrible situation, that hopefully none of us ever have to face, but having it happen to someone close to home meant that I realised just how important it is to teach children exactly what to do in an emergency, beginning when they are quite young. Book 1 tells of Sue's mother collapsing and Sue having to call the ambulance, and exactly what to say on the phone to the operator. This 20 page story book also comes with a 32 page teaching guide and 40 page learning activities set. The teaching guide offers practical exercises and role-play, including how to recognise an emergency situation, and who to trust etc. The learning activities come complete with visual aids and worksheets for kids, to really cement what they have learnt.

Book 2 is called 'Give Those Bullies 'The Flick' - How to Teach Children to Deal with Bullying. Most people will be able to relate to bullying, whether as a child or an adult. I've dealt with both, but I especially remember being bullied as a child. This book again features Sue, this time in her quest to give bullies 'The Flick' and details in rhyme how she stands up to them, revealing to young people how and when to deal with bullying. This 20 page story book again comes with a 32 page teaching guide with practical exercises (looking at why people bully, recognising the act of bullying, and knowing what to do etc) and role-playing, and the 40 page learning activities set, featuring visual worksheets so that children know exactly who bullies might be, where it might happen and what it might look like.

Book 3 is called 'Say 'NO' to Strangers - How to Teach Children to Deal with 'Stranger Danger.' In this 20 page story, again written in rhyme, Sue is confronted with a 'stranger danger' situation, where an unknown man offers her a lollypop. Sue then reveals what she has been taught in relation to what to say and do when approached by a stranger. Any parent who has watched the news at night would have seen similar situations, and we all know just how important it is to teach our children who to trust and who not to. The 32 page teaching guide reveals how to create a safety action plan, and knowing what to do and how to be responsible in a 'stranger danger' situation. The 40 page learning activities provide visual worksheets to recognise when there is 'stranger danger,' where it can happen, who can be a stranger, who can help and what to do.

The learning activities for each book can be printed for children to use at home or for an entire class, and can be laminated so that students can use whiteboard markers and then wipe clean, so that they become a resource to be used over and over again. Selected pages can also be used as flash cards for learning.

The overarching theme in each of the Sue books is 'teaching children to be BRAVE, SMART and STRONG!' These three key words are repeated throughout each book, the eaching guide and learning activities, and enable children to learn three words to ask themselves when a situation arises: 'How can I be brave?' 'Am I being smart?' 'What will it take to be strong?'

Ros Hardy is the author who created the Sue Series. She is a mum of 3 boys, and like any of us with kids, had concerns as a young mum about whether her boys knew what to do in serious situations. By the time her boys had turned 4, she had taught them what steps they needed to follow to call for help, and to memorise important information such as their name and address. These are vital life skills, and I know as a mum to Miss M and Miss O, I will be using the complete set of Ros Hardy's books to create a fun but practical learning environment to ensure I feel safe in the knowledge that my girls will know what to do in an emergency, if confronted by a bully or by a stranger. Ros' mission is "to help parents, carers and teachers to teach children how to deal with emergencies, bullying and ‘stranger danger’ so more children can stay safe and are happy!"

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The Sue Series is a total of 9 books, which can be purchased as a complete package, normally for $53, but for the rest of November, take 30% off, bringing this set to a bargain price of $37 plus postage. Book 1 or Book 2 or Book 3 (a total of 3 books per set) can be purchased individually for $19.95.

Ros has a challenge for us - the 'Helping Little Kids be BIG' challenge: to teach children how to deal with emergencies, bullying and 'stranger danger'. Help Ros to reach her target of 500 sales in the month of November by purchasing a set today! Support an Aussie author this Christmas, and in turn, teach your children absolutely vital life skills!

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