Christmas Cookie Decorating

Today Miss M and a friend baked and decorated Christmas cookies! It's actually the first time I've baked something with Miss M! She looked very cute in her little apron, and did quite well following instructions such as 'stir' and 'pour.'

We made gingerbread cookies and a shortbread-type cookie. We rolled them out and used a variety of cutters to cut out our shapes. After baking in the oven, the kids were very keen to decorate using red and green icing, smarties, m&m's, eyes and sprinkles. After decorating about 3 cookies, Miss M thought it was much more fun to eat the lollies instead! I think I had just as much fun creating my own decorated cookies (check out the photo at the end!) It was a really fun and very cute activity to do with the kids for Christmas.


Making Gingerbread Houses

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas - last week I made my first gingerbread house ever! Our playgroup hosted a fun evening with other mum's where we got to hang out, make and decorate our gingerbread houses which came in a kit (and were baked by a bakery) and just have a chilled evening out together without any kids!

First we used our piping bag of icing to attach the side and back pieces to our silver board base.

Then we attached the roof and began decorating! The possibilities with decorating are endless!

This is how I decided to do my roof -

Here is the back of my gingerbread house -

... and the top...

... and the front! I love the candy canes and Corinthian wafers!

Everyone's houses turned out really well - they were all so unique and pretty!

All finished and wrapped up!

For a fun Christmas activity for Miss M, I purchased a $5 kit from Big W so we could build a mini gingerbread house.

First we laid out all the pieces. Miss M was only interested in the lollies!

Then we began decorating the front of the house.

It was quite a challenge putting such a small house together, and about 2 seconds after I took this photo, the roof fell off!

Miss M enjoyed eating our little house though!


Miss M's 2nd Birthday!

Miss M absolutely loves The Wiggles, so this years birthday party theme was a no-brainer! As I was preparing for a small morning tea birthday party for her 2nd birthday, she'd spy a Wiggles symbol and yell excitedly 'Wigg-als!' Miss M got dressed up as Emma Wiggle, her favourite! I bought her t-shirt, skirt and headband very cheaply and she also wore this outfit back in August when we went to the Wiggles concert.

I still can't believe Miss M is turning 2! Her birthday is the 14th December but I decided to hold her party at the beginning of December, just to avoid clashes with Christmas parties during what can be such a crazy month!

I put very little effort into Miss M's party this year, as she had a very big party last year, and as I continue to juggle Miss O who is 8 weeks old as well. I bought all the non-perishables and decorations about a month before the day, and leading up to the morning of the party, I baked her cake and the cupcakes and prepared the jelly cups. The night before I iced the cake and cupcakes, put everything I needed for the party in our sunroom, and made the fruit skewers. On the morning of the party, I set up the table on the deck and my Mum made the sandwiches and fairy bread. I loved that the effort was minimal, and once the party was all set-up and people started arriving, I was able to sit back and relax and enjoy it as well.

We invited 4 other mummies, and their 10 kids (and Miss O and Miss M making the total number of kids 12). I didn't prepare any games, but just let the kids eat the food and play outside, on the deck and in the sunroom. The kids kept themselves occupied and I was able to have a chat and a catch-up (while my Mum attended to Miss O!)

I decided to have the party at 9:30am so that I wouldn't spend all day stressing about the set-up. The clean-up after was quick and easy and about 45 mins after everyone had left we were all done, and Miss M, Miss O and myself were able to have a nap!

It was a lovely day. Miss M had a wonderful time celebrating with her friends, and she was especially excited to have a Wiggles party! I'll leave you with some pics of our morning.

[My two little Emma's!]

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