Australia Day Fun Part 2

Happy Australia Day everyone!

This morning we did two themed crafts, inspired by ideas I'd found on Pinterest.

We made a koala out of a paper plate, and did a dot painting on a kangaroo outline.

For the koala, Miss M painted a paper plate grey.

After it had dried, we glued on eyes, a nose and stapled ears to finish our koala off!

Then we did some dot painting. I drew an outline of a kangaroo, and mixed up some paint on a paper plate - black, brown, orange, red and yellow. We used cotton buds to paint dots on the outline.

All done!

This is an emu Miss M made at daycare on Tuesday. It uses half a paper plate, covered in glue and brown bits of paper, then uses a brown pipe cleaner for the neck and legs which has been stapled on, a brown triangle for the nose and a goggly eye. It's so cute!

We also found lots of Australian books to read today. Miss M loves books, and these are all such good stories!

I hope you enjoyed your day too!

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