Australia Day Fun

As Miss M gets older, I am really enjoying doing more theme activities with her, and celebrating anything and everything! We made Christmas cookies just last month with a friend of hers, which they loved, and today we made some Australia Day themed biscuits and jelly.

Organising the Four of Us posted this pic on Instagram last year, but the idea is also from 'A little delightful,'  Confetti Mumma and My Lovely Little Nest. They are koala biscuits and koalas in a pool/lake.  

We assembled our ingredients: marshmallows, Marie biscuits, eyes, black food colouring, icing sugar, plastic cups, blue jelly, caramello koalas, pineapple lumps and mini flags. In the pic above, black jelly beans (or maybe choc peanuts/sultanas) have been used for the koala noses (or you can use clinkers) but pineapple lumps happened to be on special when I purchased everything else.

Simply make an icing mixture, ensuring you do not add too much black icing (I didn't realise just how strong the black food colouring was!) so that you mix together a nice grey. Spread it over the biscuits and add marshmallows for the ears.

Then add your eyes, and your nose.

Miss M and her friend had a great time assembling their koala biscuits!

Next time, I'll use much less black colouring, and a smaller nose!

To make the koalas in a pool, mix up the blue jelly according to the packets instructions and pour into plastic cups. Let it set for a little while in the fridge, and before it's fully set, add your caramello koala and your flag. Once it's fully set, eat and enjoy!

Such a cute activity, and the kids certainly had fun! I can't wait for Valentine's Day now to do more themed activities!

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