Organise & Declutter Part 17 - The Garage

When I started this blog, my initial aim was to document cleaning out, organising and decluttering each room in my house. I began the 'Organise & Declutter' series In July 2015 which you can read here:

Our house has changed a little bit since I began the series, and you can see updated photos here.

I always intended to organise and declutter our garage in that series, and time/kids/motivation just meant that it continued to be put to the bottom of the to-do list!

Last year, my husband Brendan built shelves into the garage so that we could organise the garage and keep our tubs and boxes off the floor. The shelves helped, but we really needed half a day to pull everything out, sort through it, donate what we could, chuck the rest and organise and put only what we needed back.

Last Friday happened to work for me, my mum (who looked after the girls) and Brendan as he had the day off work.

Here are the before photos... brace yourself!

Our garage has a spot for one car, and then quite a large area for storage beside it. Everything we didn't want in the house is stored under here. It got to the stage where I almost didn't have enough space to park my car, and it was difficult to get the pram and Brendan's bike out, which we use all the time. Junk was piled high as you can see!

Progress photos: As we pulled everything out, we chucked anything that was damaged and broken or that couldn't be donated. We took photos of things we could sell on our local buy, swap and sell pages on Facebook. We sorted things into categories - Brendan's cycling gear, our school resources, kids clothes, maternity clothes, party items, Christmas items, music gear, tools etc. All boxes went into the recycling, and everything went into plastic tubs and onto the shelves.

After... So much space for my car to park! We have to have our dryer in our shed as we don't have enough room in our laundry, and Brendan has his spin bike set-up for training. The items under the table at the end are to be delivered to people we sold or gave things away to.

Here are all my labelled tubs on the shelves Brendan built, and all the space in the middle! Everything is easy to access and find - it looks even better in real life too!

I have girls and boys clothes labelled in the tubs across the top (I collected a few boys items when we didn't know what sex Miss O was), then party items in the grey tubs, my maternity clothes in the green tub, my Christmas items in the green and red tubs and our Christmas tree in the red Christmas tree bag, and along the bottom: our school resources, DVD's, cycling items, music gear and tools in the clear tubs.

4 hours, 2 sulo bins and a ute full of rubbish to take to the tip, and we were done! After almost 4 years living in our house, I don't think the garage has ever been this clean or organised! A great feeling!

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