Creating a Dress-Up Station

Miss M (2 years old) LOVES dressing up! I had an old-towel rack in storage in our garage and I had an idea just recently - I would repurpose it to create a dressing-up station for her! Brendan removed one of the rails for me so dresses would fit better, and I added some hooks to the end, and I was ready to find some dress-ups for her!

I found this awesome doctors kit for $12 at Target (which also has a stethoscope which isn't pictured) and a doctor's uniform for $9 at Kmart.

The red dresses were in Miss M's wardrobe, and the fairy/mermaid outfit was $1 from an op-shop!

The yellow dress is Miss M's favourite! We were given both of these dresses.

I found these cowboy pants for $1 at an op-shop, and the Frozen dress was given to us.

Miss M loves handbags (just ask her daycare mum!) - I found the beige one for 50c at an op-shop, the pink one was one of my old handbag's, and the flamingo plastic-coated bag was one of Miss M's Christmas presents which was custom made by Designs by Emma!

The fairy wings, wands, gloves and tutu were cheap items from a $2 shop, the shoes and tiara were from Kmart, and necklace and bracelet were from Best n Less.

Some more random dress-up accessories - a Police hat, bow-tie, braid-headband and black glasses are from $2 shops, the Emma headband was from Target, and the Peppa Pig mask, and fun glasses were from Coles. I keep all loose items in the basket shown at the back.

The bags hang on the end of the towel rack on the hooks, all the dress-ups are hung up using coat hangers, and the loose items in the basket sit at the end. This all lives behind the door in Miss M & Miss O's room. For a cheap project, it has worked out well! Miss M certainly loves it!

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