Valentine's Day Fun!

A friend and I are enjoying organising craft and baking ideas for our theme days for Miss M who is 2, and my friend's son who is 3. After Australia Day, Valentine's Day was next! We had a look through Pinterest and decided to get the kids to make a card for each other, and to decorate some cookies!

We kept the card basic. On a white piece of card, I drew the outline of a heart and wrote 'I love you to pieces!' on the front. The kids loved using gluesticks to glue the little heart shapes I cut out of coloured and patterned papers. We wrote on the inside for them and they handed it to each other - super cute!

My friend pre-prepared some cookie dough prior to us arriving at their house. I found some very cool cookie cutters in the shape of an 'I,' a heart, and a 'U' at Coles for only $3. While the kids made their card, my friend cut out the shapes and put them in the oven. Once the cookies had baked and cooled, Miss M and Mr E iced their cookies with light pink and dark pink icing, and then decorated using little hearts and silver balls.

They turned out super-cute!

The kids loved eating their cookies - they tasted like caramel!

At home, Miss M and I experimented and made some heart shape pancakes using the heart-shaped cookie cutter. I also made her some pink milk using a drop of red food colouring in normal milk. Very sweet and very tasty!

Check out Pinterest for more Valentine's Day fun ideas!

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