Putting our house on the market

We've never put a house on the market before but we've bought 2 houses, been to a ton of open houses (it was a bit of a hobby before kids!) and love shows like 'Selling Houses Australia' on TV, so we knew exactly what our plan would be. We met with our real estate agent and discussed marketing, price and things like that, before we hired a photographer to take some professional photos. In our small town, most people don't hire a professional to take photos when selling, but because Brendan had put so much work into the house, especially the landscaping, he was keen to get some professional photos done, even just to have as a keepsake of our first home. Plus, they always look better when a professional takes them!

To get the house ready, I spent a Tuesday decluttering, tidying, organising and cleaning (Miss M was at daycare, and Miss O was luckily quite settled that day). As tidy as my house usually is, it is still lived in, so there were things I wanted to remove to take the absolute best photos for the real estate photos. The whole house came together beautifully - the hardest bit was trying to distract Miss M from pulling toys out once they were put away, while we were waiting for the photographer!

Here are the amazing photos!



Master Bedroom:

Girls Bedroom:




Guest Bedroom:



We are so happy with the photos and how the house has come together for sale. Now we just need a buyer!

[I'll share the front of the house once we have moved, just for privacy!]

[Photos by Pixel Me Photography]

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