Unpacking the new house - Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is done! There's not a lot of difference between how we've set this out in this house compared to the last, except that the blanket box and scarf ladder are now on my side of the room (right) rather than Brendan's side (left). The walls are even a similar colour - although I liked the green on the walls at our last place compared to the grey-green here.

The windows let in a beautiful amount of natural light.

There is a good amount of built-in storage in here, however, it is considerably smaller than our last place, so I've had to cull quite a few clothes which has been really good! I'll share the inside of the cupboards later on.

I've just changed my quilt to my winter quilt made of duck down - I just love it! I also still love my Adairs white waffle quilt cover, my Big W bird cage cushion, and my Target European cushions. Even though the rest of our furniture is white, I still love the dark timber of our bedroom suite (it was secondhand and free!)


Unpacking the new house - Bathroom & Laundry

This is the bathroom in our new house. It has been renovated (compared to the rest of the house) and is quite large. It has brown tiles on the floor, and white on the walls, with a brown feature tile.

I love the massive mirror on the left side of the room, and the double towel rail.

The shower is large, but unfortunately there's no bath for the kids, and this is the only bathroom! It hasn't been too different going from 2 bathrooms to 1, but we are missing the bath. I bought a plastic tub and we have been bathing the kids in that - it works quite well, but it does mean they can't play in it really. Ah well, it's not forever! I've culled their bath toys, and we pack everything back into the tub and leave it in the shower when not in use.

This cube unit was in our Ensuite at the old house, and is handy for toilet paper, feminine products, nail polish, creams, deodorants and jewellery.

The laundry is a lot bigger than our old laundry, but it hasn't been renovated. It does have plenty of storage though! The cupboard up on the wall fits my cleaning products, and the large cupboard has some pantry items in it. The ironing board was here already when we moved in. On top of the cupboards I have some party items, BBQ'ing equipment in a container, tablecloths, our iron and my watering can.

I love having our dryer in here, as it was in our garage at our last house due to lack of space. I would love to do a renovation in this laundry and put a bench in!

We've had to place two of our dining chairs in here as there really isn't enough room in our dining area. I've also repurposed this kitchen trolley as a place for our old towels, plastic bags, bibs, laundry powder and pegs.

I love the broom and mop storage behind the door in here!

Next is the master bedroom, and then the girls room, and I'm done!


The most delicious pumpkin bread!

Recently my friend and I were in Byron Bay for our friend's hens weekend, and we had breakfast out at a little café. I had the bircher muesli (which was delicious) and my friend had pumpkin bread with eggs, bacon, avocado and feta. It was divine!! Ever since then I've been meaning to find a recipe to make my own.

I looked up 'pumpkin bread themomix' in Google, and found a couple of recipes that I've combined, plus adding some of my own ingredients to come up with this recipe! It was SO good!! I used my Thermomix, but I think it would work just as well using a food processer or just mixing by hand (I have only tried the Thermomix way, so don't take my word on the non-Thermo instructions!)

PUMPKIN BREAD (Thermomix and non-Thermomix instructions included)

400g butternut pumpkin, peeled and roughly chopped
4 eggs
1 tsp rock salt
1 tsp YIAH pumpkin pie spice OR 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1/2 tsp ginger
50g white or raw sugar
1/2 tabs golden syrup
30g oil
1 cup almondmeal
1 cup SR flour
1 cup rolled oats
A sprinkle of pepitas or sunflower seeds for the top

1. Preheat oven to 160 degrees fan forced.
2. Line 2 loaf tins with baking paper.
3. Add pumpkin to Thermomix bowl and grate 5 seconds, speed 6, MC on (or roughly grate pumpkin using a grater or a food processer)
4. Add eggs, salt, spices, sugar, golden syrup and oil and mix 3 seconds, speed 4, MC on (or mix in a food processor, or just mix by hand)
5. Add almondmeal, flour and oats, and mix REVERSE, 8 seconds, speed 4, MC on (or just mix in by hand).
6. The mixture should be slightly lumpy. Put into the loaf tins, filling about half way. Sprinkle with seeds. Place into oven for 45 mins - check at 30 mins to make sure the top doesn't burn (cover in al foil if it looks like it is). Check with a skewer to make sure the inside is cooked before pulling it out. Leave to cool for 30 mins in the tin.
7. Enjoy warm with butter, or with eggs, bacon, avocado, feta and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar! Yum!


An Anzac Day Craft

Inspired by a craft someone posted in one of the teacher sites I'm part of on Facebook (my apologies, I didn't save the original image so I can't give the author credit), Brendan, Miss M and I made an Anzac Day wreath today.

You'll need:
 - paper plates
 - paint (red and green, or blue & yellow to make green)
 - patty pans (white to paint, or red)
 - glue
 - a black texta
 - scissors
 - paintbrushes
 - newspaper to put down

Firstly, cut out a semi circle on the top and bottom of the inside of the paper plate, leaving a banner across the middle. Then write the words 'Lest we forget' on the banner. Paint the outside of the wreath in green.

Then, lightly paint the patty pans red. I only had very cheap patty pans and they collapsed under the weight of the paint, so we used red patty pans inside. Glue the patty pans onto the wreath to represent poppy flowers. Add a black spot in the middle of the poppy. Leave to dry and your wreath is complete!


Making an Easter Cake (and a 29th birthday cake!)

Happy 29th Birthday to me today!
In all the fuss of moving, I hadn't really thought about my birthday this year, plus 29 is obviously not a massive birthday to celebrate (can't wait to do something fun for my 30th next year!) but I always love having a cake made for me (or making one for myself!)
I saw a cute Easter cake on the 'Easter Mums' Facebook group that Nikita Falconer posted, and thought it would be cute to replicate for a combined Easter/birthday cake!

You'll need some Easter eggs, Malteaser chocolate bunnies, some candy flowers (found in the Baking section at the supermarket), some chocolate spider nests (melt a block of cooking chocolate and add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and a packet of Chang's fried noodles and make nests using silicon patty pan trays - refrigerate until set), some green icing with coconut for grass, and either a baked or store bought cake - my favourite is the Woolies caramel mud cake! To make it a birthday cake I'm adding some bunting from Kmart and a candle.

Ice your cake - I made icing using butter, icing sugar, some milk, a dash of peppermint essence, some green food colouring and some shredded coconut. I didn't measure amounts because that's how I roll with baking! It's great having the coconut added to look like grass because it doesn't matter how rough it looks!

Add your decorations - a chocolate nest with eggs, flowers, eggs and bunnies. At this point you could serve the cake as an Easter cake!

I added the bunting and lit the candle, and it's an Easter-themed birthday cake!

So easy and delicious!! Yum!


Toy Storage in the new house

We've had to get creative with our toy storage as our new place is smaller than our last, and we haven't brought our cube units with us. You can read about how we used to store toys here.

In the girl's bedroom, we have a 4-cube IKEA storage unit with fabric boxes. The top two boxes have soft toys, and the bottom has random toys plus dolls items (see pic below). The unit used to be in our Sunroom.

Also in the girl's room is another taller unit (from The Reject Shop) which has puzzles in clear document walls, and books on the bottom, and then all play kitchen items in a tub above.

Above that is a tub for musical instruments. I'll share a blog post on what is in our musical instrument tub soon! The top cubby has nappy and change table items as it is next to the change table in the girl's room - I'll also share the girl's room soon!

At our old place we had nothing in our coffee table drawers, as we bought them just recently and didn't have anything to put in them.

Now we use the 2 drawers for small toy storage using these $2 Kmart pantry containers as dividers. We have cars, animals, small books and Duplo in these ones. At the side is a felt car mat.

In the other side we have random toys, wooden dolls, and small items in containers such as a wooden balancing game from Kmart, a small tea-set, a little bears playground in the old Coon container (this was mine as a child, hence the 20-year old container!), build-a-snowman kit, dominoes and Peppa Pig matching cards. At the side is a wooden fishing game and a Quiet Book.

We also have toys in the black boxes to the left of the couch in the living area.

These have all the 'baby-friendly' toys, so that we can easily grab a toy for Miss O who is 6-months old and putting EVERYTHING in her mouth!

We also have our kids book collection in the living area as well.

I've culled so much since moving, and it feels great!

We have as well (click on each to read each blog):

- a craft box (and playdough tub)


Unpacking the new house - Living Room

Our Living and Dining Room is complete! I'll let the photos do most of the talking:

Looking from the Kitchen:

Looking back towards the Kitchen, towards the entry/linen cupboard:

We used to have this grey futon in our Sunroom at the old house. We won't be keeping it here forever, but we have enjoyed being able to lay on a 3-seater, and so we will purchase a 3-seater in the future to match our 2-seaters.

Looking back towards the Kitchen:

Our desk space in the living room:

It's a nice, bright and open living space, and while it's not massive, I can imagine it will be quite cosy in Winter with the wood fire! It also leads straight out onto a covered deck, which is perfect for eating and playing outside!

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