An Anzac Day Craft

Inspired by a craft someone posted in one of the teacher sites I'm part of on Facebook (my apologies, I didn't save the original image so I can't give the author credit), Brendan, Miss M and I made an Anzac Day wreath today.

You'll need:
 - paper plates
 - paint (red and green, or blue & yellow to make green)
 - patty pans (white to paint, or red)
 - glue
 - a black texta
 - scissors
 - paintbrushes
 - newspaper to put down

Firstly, cut out a semi circle on the top and bottom of the inside of the paper plate, leaving a banner across the middle. Then write the words 'Lest we forget' on the banner. Paint the outside of the wreath in green.

Then, lightly paint the patty pans red. I only had very cheap patty pans and they collapsed under the weight of the paint, so we used red patty pans inside. Glue the patty pans onto the wreath to represent poppy flowers. Add a black spot in the middle of the poppy. Leave to dry and your wreath is complete!

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