Outdoor Toy Organisation

Miss M & Miss O love being outdoors! It's so nice to be out with them in the fresh air, getting some sun and vitamin D, and enjoying different surroundings. Our old backyard was just beautiful to be out in - Brendan had made the grass lovely and lush, and he kept it so neat and tidy. On a nice day, the girls come out with me when I hang the clothes out, and we try and get out most afternoons. I wanted to share our outdoor toy organisation as it's worked well for us for awhile now.

I have two colourful sulo bins (which are about hip height) for our outdoor sports equipment. These were about $15 each at a $2 shop.

They used to stay in our garden shed, and we've taken them to our new house where they'll be on the back deck. I've collected items over the years, or have been given them, but nothing has cost a lot of money. I love that they are easy to wheel out when you want to use them, and pack them away when they aren't in use. Here are some of the items inside:

 Above - Plastic balls, Frisbee's, catching games, plastic golf sticks, skittles and a vortex.

Above - plastic tennis rackets, tennis balls, badminton racquets, shuttlecocks, footballs, basketballs, cricket bats, stumps, soft cricket balls and a baseball.

We also had our amazing cubby that the girl's Aunty bought for them last Christmas - this will go to my Mum's house while we are renting. It has a little play kitchen and some little chairs and stools inside. It's definitely a favourite!

I found this mini tramp in perfect condition on a local buy swap and sell site for only $10! I'd love to get a bigger trampoline later on but as we are now renting, we may hold off for a few years.

I purchased this little car off buy swap as well, and it's been one of Miss M's favourite outdoor toys! It lives in the shed at our new place.

For Christmas last year, my brother bought Miss M a mini clam shell pool. We had a blow-up pool but it was such a pain to store, blow-up, keep clean and pack away. This is much better!

We also purchased another clam shell to use as a mini sandpit. We can then use the pool clam shell as the cover for this one, so cats and other animals don't get in. I purchased a few scoops, shovels and buckets which stay in here as well (we also love blowing bubbles outside!)

We had a swingset up until we moved (as we are renting we decided to give it to our lovely neighbour who has a little girl) which was always a lot of fun!

Miss M and Brendan have enjoyed some painting outside in the past too - it is a novelty being somewhere other than inside, and it keeps the mess out of the house!

As you can see, we don't have heaps of outdoor toys yet, but I'm planning on keeping them to a minimum so they are easy to store and so that (hopefully) the girls will actually use what they have. We have a balance bike, a scooter and a lawn mower as well, and in time, the girls will definitely have proper bikes (especially as Brendan is a cyclist!) It'll be fun finding new ways of storing and organising these when it comes time to purchase them.

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