Unpacking the new house - Master Bedroom

Our master bedroom is done! There's not a lot of difference between how we've set this out in this house compared to the last, except that the blanket box and scarf ladder are now on my side of the room (right) rather than Brendan's side (left). The walls are even a similar colour - although I liked the green on the walls at our last place compared to the grey-green here.

The windows let in a beautiful amount of natural light.

There is a good amount of built-in storage in here, however, it is considerably smaller than our last place, so I've had to cull quite a few clothes which has been really good! I'll share the inside of the cupboards later on.

I've just changed my quilt to my winter quilt made of duck down - I just love it! I also still love my Adairs white waffle quilt cover, my Big W bird cage cushion, and my Target European cushions. Even though the rest of our furniture is white, I still love the dark timber of our bedroom suite (it was secondhand and free!)

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