Celebrating 2 years blogging - top 10 most viewed posts of the last 2 years!

As of the 24th of last month (June) this year, I have been blogging for 2 years! I started in 2015 to give myself a creative outlet as I navigated my way through motherhood, and because Miss M was quite settled and relaxed back then (at 6 months of age) and I needed something to do! I also wanted to document the start of my decluttering and organising journey. The blog has evolved to include lots of different things - celebrating Christmas, birthdays and everything in between, organising, decluttering, mummy stuff, DIY, documenting the changes on our house, moving towns, my second pregnancy, Miss O's entry into the world, teaching & going back to work, exercise, health, recipes, Thermomix fun, goals, budgeting, shopping, spring cleans and self care!

I've had a total of 38,992 views on all blog posts in the last 2 years, with the highest views on any blog post being 5,988!

Here are the 10 most-viewed blog posts. Click on each link to have a read!

10. 'A change to menu planning in 2016' (446 views - 2016)

9. 'Putting our house on the market' (466 views - 2017)

8. 'My journey with PND' (499 views - 2017)

6. 'Mummy stuff - Mamabake' (587 views - 2016)

5. 'The most delicious pumpkin bread' (588 views - 2017)

4. 'Calling all Kmart addicts' (604 views - 2015)

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