IKEA & Kmart Trip!

Earlier this year, my sister-in-law, best friend and mum decided we'd do a trip to IKEA! The nearest one is 5 hours away, and because two of us have kids, we decided, why not be a bit crazy and do the whole thing in a day!

So on Saturday, 3rd June, we left our hubbies with the kids, and hit the road at 5am ready for a big, but exciting day! With 4 drivers, the driving itself wasn't too bad at all.

We obviously had to fuel up along the way... with lots of coffee stops!

Including Maccas for breakfast...

We arrived at about 10:30am at Logan IKEA.

No IKEA trip is complete without staged pics in the showroom right?

I had been to IKEA only twice before and both times were very brief. To make it a real experience, we obviously had to have lunch in the restaurant - Swedish meatballs of course!

I had made a list of things I wanted to buy, but of course there is always so much more I want to buy! We had fun playing tetris getting all our boxes into Mum's car, before we were off to our next stop, KMART!

At about 3pm we were fueled up and hitting the road, ready for the 5-hour trip back home. We were all exhausted! We had to have dinner at Maccas on the way home of course, just for good measure. Actually I don't think anything else was open haha!

The next day, the fun bit began - putting the flat packs together! Mum had purchased a Kallax unit with doors and drawers to make a kids toy area at her place.

She also bought a kids kitchen for my girls for Christmas, but of course we couldn't wait that long! We got the utensils and saucepans as well.

I absolutely love the white pantry tubs I bought, and wish I'd purchased more!

The kids picnic table is so cute, and was only $59!

I bought the MALM dresser for the girls, and I just love how nice it looks!

I bought 3 of these - 1 for plastic bags, and 2 for my wrapping paper!

I also bought some more 79c mugs, some $1.99 straws, snaplock bags in 2 sizes, and a tub that sticks to the bathroom wall for our kids toys (we no longer have a bath in our rental so we've culled lots of bath toys).

Mum bought these cute corner hands ($7.99 for 8) so that my kids don't hit themselves on the corners of her furniture.

I love the kids bowls, plates, cups and cutlery, and Mum also bought a $2 sippy cup.

At Kmart, I purchased:

 - clipboards for the kids artwork ($2.50 each)
- wooden ice cream set ($8)
- Kids headphones ($10)
- wire blackboard baskets ($5 each)
- wire wastepaper basket ($4)
- 2 waterbottle covers ($4 each)
- purple pencil case ($3)
- 2 sets of 3 pairs of socks ($2 each)
- Frozen stationery set ($5)
- Elastics game ($3)
- Bubble machine ($6)
- Candles ($1)
- Flannelette PJ's ($10)

How good does the kids artwork look on the clipboards on the wall of their room?!

The trip was a great success! I stuck to my budget and got everything I needed and wanted! Hopefully it can become a yearly event!

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