[Clean My House] Two Strategies for Tidying Up

Is tidying up each morning or evening something you dread?

Here are two tips that work well for us!

1. Set your timer for 15 minutes of a morning or evening to tidy up. 15 minutes does not seem overwhelming, and by setting the timer you are keeping the commitment of 'just' 15 minutes with yourself. It is actually incredible what you can achieve in 15 minutes. Make it a game and get your kids and family involved (the idea of just 15 minutes is from Leanne at Organising the Four of Us).

2. When you are tidying your lounge room for example, which may have items the kids have dragged in from every other room in the house, use a washing basket to chuck everything in that needs relocating to another room. Rather than running back and forth between rooms, you can carry the basket to each room, and put the items away. It works a treat!

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