Making Birdhouses!

This month, we decided to treat the kids to an excursion to the pet shop as part of our themed craft/baking mornings. We found a cute idea on Pinterest for an easy-to-make birdhouse using a milk carton to tie it in with our excursion. 

I purchased a couple of cartons of milk, and thoroughly washed and dried them once they were empty. I opened the top fully to be able to wash them out. The kids painted them in lots of different colours. 

While we let the cartons dry, we headed downtown to the pet shop! 

Mr 3.5, my Miss 2.5 and Miss 18 months all loved the puppies the best (I carried my Miss 9 months in a carrier as she is walking and already likes to escape!)

They were also mesmerised by all the different coloured fish (and the big ones and the ones with funny eyes!)

There were lots of cute birds making loud noises too!

We also saw some guinea pigs. 

When we arrived home and the paint had dried on our cartons, I taped the top of the carton back together, and then cut windows for the birds to get in. I created two holes and threaded some ribbon through to hang it up, and then added some bird seed. 

They turned out great! The kids are loving seeing them hanging ready for the birds to come and feed! A fun and easy craft activity to compliment a fun excursion to the pet shop. 

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