[Organise My House] Storing Spices

How do you store your spices? 

There are some excellent ideas for spice storage around; I have personally used 3 types however my current set-up is my favourite and the most practical. 

When we moved into our new place, our kitchen was much bigger than the last place, and had more drawer space. We have quite a shallow drawer under the microwave, but it is just perfect for spice & cling wrap/snaplock bag/bin bag storage. I purchased 3 spice storage racks from Kmart for $3 each, which angle the spices so they can be easily seen, and easily grabbed when you need them. I have (mostly) put them in alphabetical order so that they are easy to find. This is a perfect idea for renting when you can't attach anything to the walls. 

Initially when I didn't have many spices, I stored them in a little basket, but had to label the top of each one so I could see what was what. This wasn't ideal once I acquired more and more spices as they wouldn't fit! 

At our last place I purchased upright spice racks from Kmart for $4 each and my hubby installed them into our tall laundry cupboard (as there was no room in the kitchen) and they looked great, but were a little hard to get out, and it meant I had to leave the kitchen to go and get what I needed (all good until you need like 15 of them haha!) but these would work perfectly on the back of a pantry door! [The iron holder was from a cheap shop for about $3, and the small white spice containers were from The Reject Shop for about $1.50 each].  

If you can't find these particular storage systems at Kmart, try Big W, The Reject Shop and Howard's Storage World as I have seen & heard of different spice storage there as well. 

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