Our Bathroom Storage Systems

Here's a quick look into the storage systems we have in our bathroom that work quite well (since downsizing from two bathrooms to one!)

Our bathroom vanity has quite a bit of storage, and the drawers are very deep.

I just purchased the 3 little glass containers on the window sill from The Reject Shop for $1.50 each to hold earbuds, cotton wool & floss sticks - I love them!

In the main cupboard, I have extra items, extra makeup, everyday makeup, my hairdryer, hair accessories & my toiletry bag (always packed and ready to go (Brendan keeps his in here normally too). Placing like items in baskets always neatens up a space.

My hairdryer storage: I have just started using a little metal tub from IKEA (thanks to Leanne from Organising the Four of Us for the idea!)

My extra makeup is in a basket behind my extras basket.

In the top drawer of the vanity, we have extra toothpaste, extra razors, extra soap, my hairbrushes, floss and Brendan's electric shaver (our toothbrushes & toothpaste are kept on the sink).

In the bottom drawer, I have my travel hair dryer, personal items in the box, spa products (special items for a foot spa) & and the girl's toiletry bags.

In a small set of shelves next to the toilet & shower, we have a basket with nail polish, perfume and hair gel. The basket underneath has personal items and on the bottom are extra toilet rolls. Jewellery & items that are used daily are on top of the set of shelves.

In the top basket is nail polish, perfume, hair gel and foot creams.

On top of the shelves:

In our shower:

I love our kids toy storage from IKEA. We have culled most bath toys because we don't have a bath (we use a large plastic tub) and so many of them got mouldy - now I don't have any bath toys that can't be cleaned (I chuck them on the top rack of the dishwasher or in the washing machine to clean).

I love the girl's toothbrushing charts from Typographically Speaking (Facebook).

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