[Organise My House] Filing Paperwork

Most of our bills and paperwork are now sent via email, which has helped us not have as much paper clutter (especially as we don't have a designated office). I do like to have a few things in hard copy form (birth certificates and other important documents for example). We have a very simple filing system - 3 A4 folders, one for 'Home' documents (for the houses we own), one for 'Personal' and one for 'Work.' They live on one shelf of our desk in the living area, and work well (when I remember to file any new paperwork we receive!) 

If I didn't organise paperwork this way (or if I had more storage space), I'd grab one of those Sistema containers (which can be purchased at Woolworths) with the blue plastic tabs on the end so that you can sit drop files into them. I plan to use these to organise the girl's artwork and school documents in the future. I believe Officeworks and Kmart have similar containers as well (and you can buy the drop files from here as well). 

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