A letter to Miss O on her 1st Birthday...

Dear Miss O, 

Today you are 1! 

The past year has been a whirlwind of change - we've moved towns, changed jobs, met many new people and said goodbye to some others - not to mention our family grew from 3 to 4! We didn't know we could love another child as much as we already loved your sister Miss M, but our hearts have swollen and you are so very loved. 

You arrived 9 days late - which is so unlike you because you are always in a hurry! - after Mummy had a dream pregnancy with you, and came out very unexpectedly - firstly being a girl (I was sick with your sister and not with you, so I was convinced you were a boy!) and secondly being almost 10 pound! Needless to say, we knew you weren't going to be anything like Miss M! 

You grew at an astounding rate, and were sitting up from 4 months, crawling at 6, and walking at 8.5 months! We feel like you've been the size of a 1-year old for awhile now - you are very tall, and are now quite lean, as I guess you are always so busy! 

Life with two under two was always going to hectic, but you certainly keep us on our toes! You climb EVERYTHING and it's nothing for me to look away for a second to see you've climbed a table, or the side table, or the tv unit, or a stool. You adore your sister Miss M and just want to do everything she does, and be everywhere she is. You absolutely love your Mummy, and are very much a Mummy's girl, but you have a special bond with Daddy, and get super excited when he comes home from work. You are happy to do anything or be anywhere, as long as there are people around. 

You have the most amazing eyes, light brown crazy hair, the cutest little round face and 12 teeth already! You love to chat and mumble, whether someone is listening or not! You love food, and baths, but you do not like getting your nappy changed or being put to sleep! You LOVE to play, and explore the world. You love TV, and music, and dancing. You love cuddling soft toys and dolls, you love making a mess and you love cuddles from Mum & Dad. You are cheeky and love to smile and laugh, mostly at the rest of us! 

You are unstoppable, and I just know one day, you'll move mountains. 

You are the daughter and sister for Miss M we didn't know we needed, and we wouldn't change it for the world. 

All our love to an amazingly gorgeous little girl, 

Love Mummy & Daddy xxx

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