The 2018 LBD is here!

I was so surprised to see that my Leanne Baker Daily planner had arrived today, after only being dispatched from Brisbane yesterday! I knew exactly what it was when I saw the box. I was excited first of all to see the new beautiful custom-made dusty pink & gold box the LBD was packaged in, and then the actual planner inside - wow!!

Such incredible quality, and amazing colours! I chose Take Flight this year (I have used the Pink 2017 one which I love!), and for awhile after I ordered I wondered if I should have picked Emerge (even though originally I was tossing up between Take Flight & Celebrate), but once I saw my planner this afternoon, I was in love all over again!! I absolutely love the purples and the watercolour effect on the feathers. And the name ‘Take Flight’ is just so inspiring! This was the reader's choice this year, and Jess Rankin won with this design - I can see why!!

I cannot speak highly enough about this planner (read my blog post from earlier this year here). It’s the first proper planner I’ve ever used (that isn’t a $2 diary from The Reject Shop), and is my first daily planner too. I don’t have an issue with the price as this is my Christmas present from Brendan (and will be every year!) but because it is $54.95, it’s something you want to be sure you are using (the same way I felt/feel about my Thermomix - it's an investment). I was excited to begin using it at the start of this year, and I was surprised the novelty didn’t wear off like it would in other years (with other diaries/journals). Leanne kept me motivated with her weekly YouTube videos & content posted on her page & group on Facebook. The group is an amazing team of supportive ladies, and you'll find so much inspiration on there! I have found I have been so much more productive and organised this year through using the planner, and I am less stressed, because everything is in the one place and I can do a ‘brain dump’ and write everything that’s in my head down, and know that it will get done because I love the feeling when you’ve ticked off what you need to do.  

The monthly overview is fantastic as I love to see what’s coming up & helps me to know when I’m available later in the month, and this year, a yearly overview has been included. The weekly meal planning pages are perfect for sitting down each Sunday to plan my dinners for the week, again making my upcoming week less stressful and run more smoothly. The list of 3 each day ensures that I know what my top priorities are, and enables me to achieve 21 things each week (that may not normally get done!) The self care section means that I ensure I am a priority each day too! Another addition this year is the sticker sleeve at the back of the planner, and as soon as Leanne revealed this, I knew I had to buy some planner stickers! I didn’t use them this year and used coloured pens, but for 2018 I’m going to use a black pen with colourful stickers. I’ve purchased lots of stickers from Lime and Mortar and Peaceful Mind Designs, and have received some free from Black Wombat. I’ve already had fun putting in dates and stickers for next year! 

I can’t wait to have another productive and organised year next year! If you are keen to buy a planner, they are still available until sold out (or until the end of the year) on Padtastic’s website - and while you’re there, grab some of their fantastic notepads and new notebooks and meal planners which are amazing quality and such fun designs - I bought 8 notepads this year - 2 for me and the rest for Christmas presents!


  1. I have ordered one for the first time this year and cant wait to receive mine. I have to wait till december for mine though. I ordered emerge but they are all so beautiful.


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