[Organise My House] A Filing System for School Items

Here's a great idea for storing kids artwork, reports, school photos & important documents!

Charlene at Teacher by Trade Mother by Nature came up with this terrific idea for storing kids documents for each school year and I've just made one each for the girl's.

Using a Sistema filing container (the 40L was recently 50% off at Woolworths and was only $11), Sistema filing clips (which are now only available directly from Sistema), and 15 foolscap suspension files from Kmart (a pack of 20 is $12), I’ve put together a space for us to file & store paper items & photos from each school year (including daycare, playgroup & preschool). Charlene added an A4 display folder to each section so that it is protected as well. It is so easy to file anything away, and just as easy to look through or grab something you need from a specific year. There is space at the bottom of the tub for extra or bulky items too. I’ve created one for each girl and they will live at the bottom of their built-in cupboards in their rooms. I love it!

To purchase the file clips from Sistema, contact this email address: customerhelpdesk@sistemaplastics.com and they will send them directly: $3.25 for a pack of 2 (you’ll need 2 for each tub), and then postage cost me $8.50 (they will calculate depending on where you live), so $15 all up. To create these two tubs it cost about $60, but it’ll last me 15 years for each girl!

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