Reindeer cookies!

You've most likely seen these very cute reindeer cookies on Facebook or Pinterest, and as Miss M had a friend over today and Christmas is less than a month away, I thought they'd be perfect for the girls to make for morning tea! 

They are super easy to make, and there are multiple variations you can do as well. 
I decided to make chocolate icing (just using some icing sugar, a teaspoon of cocoa powder, a dash of milk and then mixing until it was the right consistency - not too runny when kids are involved!) but the other easy option is to buy a tub of Nutella. You'll also need a packet of strawberries & cream lollies, milk arrowroot biscuits, tiny teddies (or pretzels for the antlers) and some candy eyes, or some chocolate drops/chips. 

We set up our plates with an arrowroot biscuit each. After I'd made the chocolate icing, the girls used plastic knives to spread the icing (Miss M is almost 3 and her friend is 4 - Miss O (1 year old) was asleep so the perfect time for this activity!) 

We then added the strawberries and cream nose at the bottom of the biscuit (red just like Rudolph!), the candy eyes just above that, and the tiny teddies for antlers at the top of the biscuit. Our Coles didn't have the chocolate flavoured tiny teddies so I found the chocolate coated honey flavoured ones and used the chocolate side up (but you could easily use any flavour of tiny teddies). 

They turned out super cute, and they were very yummy too! The girls had fun with this simple but effective no-bake Christmas decorating activity! 

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