{2018 Advent Activities} Dec 9th - Have a photo with Santa

Today our advent activity was to have a photo with Santa! 
We actually went and had this photo taken last Saturday, as today was Miss M's 3rd birthday party, and we also have a 30th tonight, so it suited us more to do it earlier. 
The girl's were both scared of Santa again, so Brendan and I jumped in with them - we couldn't get Miss O to smile, and Miss M's is quite forced, but I think it's cute anyway! The girl's looked cute in their little Christmas outfits too. 

Here is 2016's photo - I just had a baby so be kind! Miss O has grown so much since this photo! Miss M was just about to turn 2, and Miss O was about 6-weeks old. 

And 2015's photo with just Miss M and I (she was about to turn 1 and is wearing the same dress Miss O is wearing in this year's pic). 

Our advent book

Elf on the shelf 

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