Miss M's Frozen Party Budget

I started planning Miss M's 3rd Frozen party a few months ago, and I like to buy things on special and as cheap as I can because I know it all adds up. I was curious to see how much I was actually spending, so thought I'd add it up. I wrote everything done in my phone, as well as where I purchased it from (just in case anyone was wondering!) The total is at the bottom. 

(Some abbreviations used: 
- RS = The Reject Shop
- W = Woolworths) 

- Invitations:
$1.50 for a 16 pack (Pricebusters)

- Games:
$2 frozen container for pass parcel (Coles)
$1.50 Pin the nose on Olaf game (Pricebusters)
$2.50 markers for a prize (Big W)
$3 fan with lollies for a prize (Reject Shop)
$3 chocolates for pass parcel (RS)
$2 Choc hearts for pass parcel (RS)

- Food table:
$1 clear plastic cups (Target)
$10 banner (Vistaprint)
$1 snowflakes (eBay)
$6 lanterns (Reject Shop)
$2.50 wrapping paper (Reject Shop)
$4 2 packets of frozen napkins: 32 altogether (Woolies)
$3 2 packets of balloons (Reject Shop)
$4 blue cups x2 packets (RS)
$4 blue plates x2 (RS)
$1 spoons (Coles) 
$8 cake figurines (eBay)
$4.60 Blue jelly x4 packets (Coles) 
$4 Frozen Icy poles x2 (RS)
$2 Marshmallows (Woolies)
.57c Wafers (W)
$2.50 White cooking Choc block (W)
$2.65 White melts (W)
$1.50 Choc cake mix x2 (W)
$3.70 Chips x2 packers (Coles)
$4.80 Party mix lollies (Coles)
$4 waffle cones (1/2 pk) (W)
$2.50 Corinthians (Big W)
$4 Apple & Orange juice (Coles)
$3.50 strawberries (Coles)
$1.50 Bread for fairy bread (W)
$3.50 Sprinkles (W)

- Party favours: 
$10 20x bubble wands (Big W)

Total: $115.32

I was hoping for around $100, so I'm very happy with the total! The party was lots of fun and Miss M loved it, so it was definitely a success! 

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