Our Family Pics 2017

A few months ago I won a competition through Leigh Dorothy Photography on Facebook for a free family photo shoot! I was so excited as the last time we had family photos was when Miss O was born, which wasn't that long ago, but she has changed so much since then, and I was keen to document this part of our lives.

Last Saturday morning Leigh arrived about 9:30am to take photos out the back of our new place (and a few inside). I absolutely love our view - it is so calm and serene, and the perfect backdrop for family photos! 
We chose to have the photos so early in the morning as Miss O is tired and goes to bed quite early in the afternoon, and I wasn't keen to try and wrestle with her when she was ready for bed! 

I chose a dusty pink top & cardigan with jeans for me, Brendan chose a light blue collared shirt with camel coloured pants for himself, and the girl's wore matching pink dresses, which was just super cute! I've heard that kids should wear colour in photoshoots, and adults should wear neutral colours, and I'm so happy with how it's turned out - Leigh did such a fantastic job, especially with one little girl distracted by a 'gog' (dog - Miss O who is 14 months) and another just not wanting to cooperate (Miss M who is almost 3)! 

Here's a sneak peek of some of my favourite images! 

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