Our Forever Home - Guest Room & Office

We've only just purchased a second-hand double ensemble bed for the guest room, making this room finally complete! 

I already had the bedside tables, which I purchased from Kmart awhile ago for $39 each. 

The lamp was about $20 from The Reject Shop, and the vase and pineapple were from Kmart. I love the pop of yellow in this room, especially with the black and white quite, which was from Big W. The cushions were from Target. 

I found this painting at some markets once; I like how calming and simple it is. 

The basket was from Kmart and the throw was from Big W. Again, more yellow! 

I just wanted this room to be very simple but bright and cheery. A place you'd want to sleep if you were a guest! 

I keep the door shut so that Miss M and Miss O aren't tempted to have fun in here lol!

I love that all our bedrooms (we have 5 - Miss M's room, Miss O's, the office, the guest room and the Master bedroom) have good-sized built-ins - I feel very spoilt! 

I don't want to overload this built-in, but it is handy storage, and I'm actually using the hanging side for my dresses, winter coats and jumpers, mainly because, and you'll see more on Master bedroom day, Brendan has the main parts of our walk-in robe in our room (I still have my jeans and tops hanging in there). We also have some extra dvd's and cd's, and an extra blanket in the cupboard (and the guest bed quilt was actually not on the bed yet when I took this pic, as you can see). 

And that's it for the guest room! 

Next is the office! 

I found this desk second-hand on our local buy swap and sell site; I just love it! I've never had an office room before (we had the desk out in the living area at our last two places) so I'm loving this space. Brendan and my uni degree's are in the frames and these will go on the wall later. 

In my top drawer I have my pencil case for teaching, textas in the 7UP pencil case (I've had this for about 20 years!), Brendan's external hard drive and some extra headphones etc. 

In the cupboard underneath are all my notebooks and notepads, and a heap of stationery in a cute caddy from Kmart that I can easily pull out when the kids are doing craft. Next to that are our wedding pics on CD's and in the box are all our professional shoots on CD's/USB's. 

Next to my desk we have the ironing board set-up. I have always wanted my ironing board set-up and ready to go, so this is a real treat! It's funny what excites you as a mum/adult! I actually had this set-up in the guest room before we put the bed in there. 

Looking towards the door. This is the first room after the formal lounge room and before the bathroom as you go down the hallway. 

Looking from the door into the office. 

On the other side of the room is our old white desk, which I'd like to keep and I was going to put it into the shed but found it to be quite handy for putting things on that I need to 'action' - at the moment there are birthday presents ready for some parties we have coming up. 

Next to that is a little aqua trolley which was $19 from Kmart (a good substitute to the Raskog cart's from IKEA), and then a sweet little desk and chair I picked up off buy swap for Miss M. I plan to paint it white later. 

I often do computer stuff while Miss O's asleep in the middle of the day, and so Miss M is kept occupied by her activity and colouring books, which are in her desk!

On the trolley we have kids board games, puzzles in clear document wallets, and Miss M's busy box down the bottom. 

We have built-in's in this room as well. 

Here's the inside of our office built-in: 

Up the top we have a few shoeboxes (I don't normally keep boxes but these are handy if I want to put together a little care package, or to send something in the post), then we have our playdough tub, train set and cars, musical instruments and paints. Next to that are our puppets. 

Next row we have cards, photo albums, and my laminator, then computer paper, our printer (which I don't think works, but I have to check it out). 

Underneath that is more stationery, and then coloured and patterned card and stickers etc. in the drawers. Then more photo albums, photo books, different folders for work etc. The girl's blue books are in here, our 'work,' 'home,' and 'personal' folders, wii accessories, and more albums (I've actually culled lots of albums, but I'm a bit sentimental about some of them!) On the bottom row is our craft tub. There is lots in this cupboard, but this is it for our paperwork and I figure if it's neat, easy to access and contained in here, I'm ok with it!

On the other side are our board games and computer bags, and my favourite part of this cupboard: my IKEA plastic bag holders to hold my wrapping paper! I've put a removable hook underneath for our gift bags. 

And that's it! Just a few spaces to go - the master bedroom, outside and the garage. 

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