Our Forever Home - The Laundry

Here is our laundry in our forever home!

I love the neutral colours, the large tiles and it has plenty of space for our washer, dryer & some cleaning supplies. 

It is part of a three-way bathroom, loo and laundry which comes off the hallway from the bedrooms. I love that is close to the bathroom so that when it's bathtime, I can grab a basket of clothes to fold while I watch the girl's in the bath. 

It's very easy to keep clean, and I've chosen just to have the laundry power, pegs & a fake plant for some colour on the bench. 

This door leads outside to the clothes line. I always keep a spare pair of thongs & sunnies at the door for hanging the washing out. 

In the cupboard closest to the back door, I have a container with our large BBQ tools, and my mop bucket on top. Then I have our old towels rolled. I keep a stack of old towels for many purposes, including if we ever have the vomiting bug, or need to use them as rags or for spills etc. On the hook on the door is the brush for one of our dust pan and brush sets (the other is in the kitchen), and my Norwex broom attachment (for my mop). 

In the cupboard beside that are some old white baby cloth nappies, and some old tea towels, again for a range of purposes. Next to that are our fly swatters, spare paper towel (which I use for cleaning and in the kitchen), then a small basket of Norwex cloths & laundry bags, behind that are spare pegs in a material peg bag, and in the white basket at the end are spare lightbulbs, a lint brush, candles, sunscreen, mozzie spray and aloe vera spray. 

On the bottom shelf is our watering can and a kids version for the girl's, and next to that is our cleaning caddy and another tub next to that with the rest of our cleaning items. I try not to double up too much with our cleaning products and just have what we use. Besides this we only have a toilet cleaner and multipurpose spray in each of the bathrooms. 

That's it for the Laundry! What I like about this room is it's simplicity, and the ability to add things later on if we need to - we could always mount our dryer on the wall, or add overhead cupboards or shelves if we need to. I like the idea of a drying rack mounted on the wall too. It will be interesting to see how it evolves, but for now, it's perfect! 

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