Our Forever Home - The Living & Dining Rooms

Welcome to the living room!

This room is off the kitchen, and is a three-way open plan space of kitchen, dining & living spaces (and the toyroom comes off the dining area). The living room also leads outside into the outdoor area. 

As we've only ever had one lounge room, we have split up our lounges (the three-seater in the lounge room, and our two-two seaters in here). These lounges are part of the Tivoli range from Fantastic Furniture and are vinyl, and have survived two girl's well so far - they are super easy to keep clean. This is the view from the sliding doors to outside.  

I love our pillow cases from Pillowtalk, and our coffee table we are just using for now until we find exactly what we want. The vase in the corner was off a local buy swap and sell site, and the flowers were from Kmart. 

The black boxes were from a local cheap shop around 15 years ago, and are still going strong - they have soft toys/baby toys in them, and we use them as side tables as well. The blue ottoman was from Kmart. 

This room is very minimalist, and doesn't really have a defined use yet. Before we borrowed a second TV and TV cabinet from my Mum, we used to use it to just sit and take in the gorgeous view of our back paddock. 

[Our borrowed TV in the opposite corner to the vase of flowers]

[An updated pic of the whole space]

[The amazing view from our living space!]

This is our dining space. The doorway on the left leads into the toyroom, which is such a perfect spot for it, as the kids are happy to play in there because I'm usually pottering around in the kitchen (do you tend to find your kids want to be wherever you are?!) 

Our dining table is a 6-seater but is extendable, and was originally from 1825 interiors, but we bought it secondhand off our local buy swap and sell site. We have two secondhand highchairs which the girl's eat food together in (handy when I want them contained! Both were off buy swap: one was $10 and the other was $5, and I just love these plastic highchairs with no padding because they are super easy to clean! The legs also come off so you can store them easily, or even take them travelling. 

We have a small table and chairs in the far corner using an IKEA side table and a few Kmart $5 plastic chairs (which is handy for the girl's to eat at, or if we have other kids over). The girl's easel in the other corner is from Kmart. 

On the right of the table is this little station & hat rack, which has everything we need for outside play, such as hats, sunscreen, bug spray, as well as tissues, spare nappies (although I need to refill them at the moment), and bibs in one of the drawers. I've used this little trolley from The Reject Shop for many different things over the years, and I haven't currently filled every space or drawer, but we'll just see what ends up there or what we need it for. 

And that's it for the living & dining rooms!

I love this space - it is always filled with light and is so inviting! 

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