Our Forever Home - Miss M's room

This is my eldest daughter Miss M's room in our Forever Home (she has just turned 3). 
We found out she was a girl before she was born, and the colours I immediately wanted for her nursery were hot pink & aqua/teal. I've continued with this colour scheme in her new room and I love how it's turned out. 

Her quilt cover is from Target, the flamingo light and dream cushion are from Kmart, the pineapple pillow is from Woolworths, and the other 2 cushion covers were from eBay. The fairy lights and lantern were from The Reject Shop and were left over from a party, and the bedside table was also from The Reject Shop. The bunting was made by my lovely friend’s mum!

I absolutely love the colour of the Kmart blockout curtains! 

We’ve decided to put her bed in the middle of the room so it’s easy to make each morning, plus she’s been in a big bed for a year now, so she doesn’t ever fall out - fun fact: I bought this bed for myself when I went to uni (it has a beautiful timber bedhead). 

On the other side of the room we have our IKEA chest of drawers, which we don’t need because we have built-ins but we don’t have anything else to put in her room. The frame with quote, flowers and owls were all gifts, the jewellery stand was from Kmart and the little train with Miss M’s name was from Italy (we were travelling in April 2014 when we found out we were pregnant - we had a boys and a girls name picked so we bought two trains!)

The wooden letters on the door were from our local craft shop (which has since closed down) and I painted hot pink. 

In the set of drawers we have:
- top drawer: undies, socks, tights, pyjamas, labels

- second drawer: t-shirts and shorts

- third drawer: swimmers, daycare clothes

- fourth drawer: the next size up winter tights & long-sleeve tops (to store but also if we get an oddly cold day)

It's a real treat having built-in cupboards in each bedroom in our house - we did have some old built-in's in our old place as well as some very narrow built-in's at our place when we moved towns (although you couldn't close the door when you added a coathanger to the hanging rail!) but I'm loving having modern, neat & new cupboards! (The little sign on the cupboard door is from Kmart). 

Inside her built-ins we have:
 - her sleeping bag
- a Christmas teddy (not quite sure whether to hang onto this or not yet!)
- a CD player
- her keepsake box
- her winter quilt
- her suitcase
- a couple of decorative bits and pieces that I'm hanging onto until I decide what to do with or whether to donate
- two extra quilt covers
- an extra summer sheet set
- two flanellette sheet sets
- her A3 art folder
- her portable DVD player for the car
- her Emma jewellery box
- 2 pink fabric boxes that I'm deciding what to do with
- a large Frozen puzzle that won't fit in an A4 document wallet
- some tall books that won't fit in our bookcase in the toyroom
- her shoes (there are lots because all the bigger sizes are also in here)
- her dresses, skirts, jackets, cardigans & lifejacket hanging up
- her school filing tub
- a pink tub that I place clothes that are too small for her in

I just love how simple her room is - it’s a real luxury to have the girls in separate rooms - I wanted them to share but they just don’t sleep! It is fun decorating each girl's room though!

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